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Taeyeon arcade stick #2

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Shortly after I finished my first artwork modification of the SF4 Tournament Edition arcade stick, I set about working on my second design last September. Because my second stick was located in my Los Angeles home, I did not actually complete the project until last week when I returned home for Christmas break. I am now a proud owner of these two beauties!

Taeyeon SNSD arcade stick Madcatz TE custom design mod artwork

The concept for stick #2 was inspired by how Taeyeon’s military hat and M. Bison’s Shadaloo cap looked remarkably identical. Since stick #1 was predominantly white, I wanted stick #2 to be black for contrast. #1 is still my favorite design as that shows more aesthetic sense, whereas #2 is just two people plastered on either side of the controller. I contemplated #2 for awhile because I was not satisfied with the design. However, the continuation of the Taeyeon theme and the link between the hats were irresistible.

A faint Shadaloo skull symbol menacingly lurks between Taeyeon and M. Bison. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to see on the print, which is my mistake as I made it too dark on the black background. The idea was to have a very subtle, almost hidden, skull in the background, and I toyed with the gray level many times to get it just right. Sadly, I should have brightened it a tad more for the printer. Here is my original Photoshop design.

Taeyeon SNSD arcade stick Madcatz TE custom design mod artwork

The horizontal Japanese characters say “Aku no soshiki” aka “evil organization” representing Shadaloo. This name was created by Triumvir for their Shadaloo clothing collection. The vertical Korean characters say Kim Taeyeon (leader of Korean girl group SNSD). The X is commonly used in Asia to represent a collaboration.

Taeyeon SNSD arcade stick Madcatz TE custom design mod artwork

Completing the modification is a custom dustwasher with “aku no soshiki” and the Shadaloo logo. I also replaced the stock white joystick top with a black mesh ball-top.

Working on these two arcade sticks has been a very fun project. It’s my first time doing mods like this and completing them was surprisingly easy, considering how daunting it appears. I encourage anybody who finds this interesting to give it a shot! I have already inspired two SNSD fans from SNSD fan community to make their own designs.

Taeyeon SNSD arcade stick Madcatz TE custom design mod artwork

Taeyeon SNSD arcade stick Madcatz TE custom design mod artwork

For more information about how to mod your Madcatz TE arcade stick, refer to the links at the end of this post where I walk through the entire process from Photoshop templates to opening up the controller. I used the services of Tek-Innovations for the plexiglass, printed artwork, and custom dustwaster. Sanwa OBSF-30 black pushbuttons and black mesh ball-top were purchased from

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Written by Protocol Snow

January 3rd, 2010 at 5:41 pm

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  • Kufuu

    Hello. This is Kufuu! Feels kinda cool to be featured in your blog haha! Nice to see that the second arcade stick was made! Awesome stuff.

    I’ve actually been following your blog at random intervals and just barely came upon this post today haha. Good to hear from ya.

  • Cutkillavince

    Very nice ;)

  • Michael

    Nice work! Just wondering if you know whether it’s possible to add art to the bottom of the stick in the same way (with plexi cover). I don’t have one yet but I plan to get one and mod it to fit a design I’ve thought of. But I want to put something on the bottom part too. Thanks.:)

  • Protocol Snow
  • Yzmat

    I really like the design of the Taeyeon x Bison TE stick, is it possible that you could send me the .psd file used. I'd like to surprise my friend with custom artwork for his stick. He loves SNSD ^^

    • Protocol Snow

      Unfortunately I do not have the psd file anymore. The design is pretty basic so if you just want to copy what I have, it shouldn't be too hard. You can find the pictures using google images.

  • Mike

    Just wondering if you're selling this product. Would love to have this, even though I don't play Street Fighter. <3 TaeNy.

    • Protocol Snow

      Nope, sorry. I need it to play Street Fighter =)

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  • Mark Nguyen

    is there anyway you can send me the Template for the Taeyeon 1 and 2?