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Taeyeon arcade stick completed!

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The mailman delivered a nice surprise yesterday: my custom artwork and plexiglass from ArtHong! I keep plugging his site because he makes quality products and his customer service is phenomenal. If you’re interested in customizing your arcade stick, I give him my highest recommendation.

Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition arcade stick Madcatz artwork mod taeyeon snsd girls' generation genie tell me your wish

I had already disassembled my TE stick last week, so finishing the project was a simple matter of covering the metal plate with the artwork and plexiglass, snapping in the buttons, and reconnecting all the wiring and screws.

Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition arcade stick Madcatz artwork mod taeyeon snsd girls' generation genie tell me your wish

Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition arcade stick Madcatz artwork mod taeyeon snsd girls' generation genie tell me your wish

When reassembling the arcade stick, this is the order of layers: metal plate on bottom, then the artwork, then the plexiglass on top. Snap all the buttons back in place, then reconnect all the wiring to the buttons and joystick.

I had a slight problem with the buttons because the fit was too tight. I could have forced the buttons back into the metal plate without any hesitation, but I was afraid of cracking the plexiglass if I pushed the buttons in too hard. The solution was to run out to Home Depot and buy sandpaper to slightly sand down the side tabs of the buttons. 100 grit sandpaper did the trick!

Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition arcade stick Madcatz artwork mod taeyeon snsd girls' generation genie tell me your wish

The finished product turned out exactly like my original design. In the pre-production stage, I was initially uncertain about all the white space and overall look, but the more I thought about it, the more I loved how the black-and-white motif matched perfectly with the colors of the original joystick, buttons and body. All the artwork and photographs were taken from the SNSD “Genie” album booklet, so naturally my design captures the style and theme of the album.

Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition arcade stick Madcatz artwork mod taeyeon snsd girls' generation genie tell me your wish

Some final thoughts. I have never done anything like this before, and I found the project to be surprisingly easy. For anybody interested in doing their own modifications but scared of the technical work, I highly recommend following my tutorial. Once you open the stick up and get started, it’s smooth sailing. The hardest part is coming up with a design! If anybody needs assistance or has questions, I would be happy to help.

I would have loved to create a design with all nine girls, but I just couldn’t find a way to fit everybody in there without some of the girls being blocked by buttons or the joystick. In the meantime, Taeyeon will have to do. I’m happy to have her gracing my stick and watching over my Street Fighter 4 play!

UPDATE: Some people have asked me whether I made the art myself or whether a store is selling the skin. The answer is that I personally created the design in a Photoshop template, but instead of printing it myself, I had ArtHong print it out for me since he runs a small business for custom arcade sticks. So unfortunately, you can’t buy the skin anywhere. I do hope my design will inspire you to create your own!

Finally, the links I embedded into my post may not be obvious, so here’s an explicit list of all my arcade stick posts. If you read through them, I’ve chronicled my entire experience on modding my Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition stick, from art design to completion. If you have a different arcade stick than the SF4 TE, you can browse through these art templates on ArtHong’s store and see if he has one available for yours.

The trilogy:
Creating custom art: I direct you to a few links with blank Photoshop templates so you can get started. However, all the Photoshop work and design is up to you.
Opening up the arcade stick: Tutorial on how to open the stick and get everything prepared for the new artwork.
Final product: (this is the post you’re reading right now) Some final instructions and the finished project.

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August 22nd, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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  • Nick

    That’s really hot man, awesome work!

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  • Kim

    I’m amazed how good this turned out. Congrats on a work of art! But it might be hard to play games when you keep getting distracted by the girl =P

  • Anthony





  • Temu12

    Wow that’s nice. Can’t go wrong with Taeyeon!

    I need to get back into SF4.

  • Cutkillavince

    Amazing!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • kevcozha

    I don’t think it’s possible to fit 9 girls onto that ahaha.
    At least without being covered by anything and reasonably sized.
    Smart choice to just pick one.

  • Steve

    Amazing job! But I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at the arcade stick ^_^

  • Protocol Snow

    Thanks for all the compliments! Steve, I’m a big fan of your site =P

  • Jon

    i just recently started playing sfiv and my friend came over with his stick and made me jealous. then my other friend who plays on pc has a stick as well… sooo i searched for some custom sticks and being an snsd fan i just typed “snsd custom stick” on google and found your piece of art here. truly amazing! i want a sica stick… haha

  • mrdeus

    The stick looks awesome now. Makes me want to buy a TE stick (I only have the SE) just to modify it :D

    (I also like your site theme a lot)

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  • Stephen

    Hey. I love your artwork on the fightstick!
    Do you think you could help me make something like that? But with Soo Young?

  • Protocol Snow

    I’m glad you like it, but I have to refer you to the forums. I’m sure somebody there can help make an awesome design for you. Just link them to this template here to help them get started.

    I unfortunately am much too busy these days to do Photoshop projects, especially since I suck at Photoshop and it takes me forever to do anything :(

  • Josh

    hey protocol i was wondering if you could send me your template of the border of your fightstick for i want to design one for my TE edition myself. If you could let me use that i’d be very grateful.

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  • Rick James

    I love the designs you created. Is it possible for you to send me the artwork you used for the black and white Taeyeon one, but for all the girls with the same concept design? I sent you a message on Soshified, but I figured you would probably go on here more often so I decided to post a comment here. You’ve inspired me to want to make my own design. Please and Thanks!

  • Protocol Snow

    All the artwork was taken from the “Tell me your wish (Genie)” album booklet. Here are some high-res scans on Soshified

    Soshified has a healthy photo gallery section so you should be able to find some good artwork. Not all of it is in high-resolution unfortunately.

    Good luck on your design, and please post it in my Soshified thread when you finish it! :)


    this is sickeningly sweet. i wish i could don my TE stick with some hot chicks, but my gf would get hella pissed :(

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  • Malonic

    Nice work. How did you cut the holes for the buttons and screws on the artwork?

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