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— graduated from college with a biomedical engineering degree and am now a medical student. What kind of a doctor will I be? Unknown at this time… and no, I don’t go to Harvard Medical School. I wish!

— am a Los Angeles, California native who took SoCal for granted. During high school, I couldn’t wait to get out of L.A. and see another part of the U.S for college. I have since developed a humble appreciation for the greatness and luxuries of L.A. living. Currently still on the opposite side of the country, fighting my way to go back home.

— am a alumni and formerly kept a gaming blog at GamerFeed/GameDaily for about 3 years until AOL purchased our company. This is a spiritual successor to that blog, no longer limited to videogame discussion. When I started this website, I anticipated that life in med school would be my main topic. Funny enough, I ended up slipping into familiar territory and writing more about my hobbies — games, consumer electronics, Asian dramas and music.

— am completely independent. Unless explicitly specified in the post, anything I write about (especially consumer goods / vacations / restaurants) have not been paid for by the respective companies or manufacturers. I have no sponsors and no ads on this site.

/-/ Contact:
If you want to get in touch, feel free to email andy (at) protocolsnow (dot) com.

/-/ Watching:
Top Gear, Community, Modern Family

/-/ Playing:
Street Fighter IV (PC)

/-/ BONUS:
What does “Protocol Snow” mean?

Guide to the images in my sliding header

Games — Area 1 Boss from REZ (Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox 360)
Music — Taeyeon from Korean girl group SNSD
Dramas — Keiko Kitagawa in Buzzer Beat, a Japanese drama
Travel — View from The Lalu hotel room, overlooking Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. One of the best rooms I’ve ever stayed in.
School — Me wearing my medical school clothes and doing a Dr. McNinja impersonation.

I have been thinking about doing random header images. So every time you visit a new page on my site, you’ll get different pictures in the headers for each category. However, the header is already somewhat resource intensive as it is and I don’t want to increase load times with every page visit. We’ll see…

Updated 1.11.11

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February 17th, 2007 at 5:45 am

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  • jon

    Leah Dizon – Koi Shiyou are you the same one form Stage6 website? do you have a music vid? email me with answer please.

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  • edwinsetiawan

    Thanks for adding my blog to your hot links lists…..
    When I open your blog – I just think your blog looked simple but the information is very detail. I like this blog especially for Asian drama, food, and games categories. For me, this blog is very incredible.

  • protocolsnow

    Haha, thanks. Yeah, I’m a bit embarrassed about the blog design, but honestly I’m too lazy to make it look any better. Thanks for visiting!

  • boozeandshoes

    I actually did post that on GAF. Small world haha.

  • Joy


    I like stopping by your blog and reading your posts as the information serves its informative purpose to me and has opened my eyes. I look forward to more of your wisdom and interesting words!

  • miamidt

    Hey mr jordan i have officially been added to the lifetime ban list, to date i have purchased nearly 30-40 pads. and im not the only one.

  • miamidt

    And in one day i was able to purchase 10 in one day at one store within 3 hrs dude appledecideswho they want to sell their phones to , if one cc makes 5 transactions on the same name for 2 pads 5 times, would not their monitoring system pick that up ASAP, no their the modern day dictatorship they purposely delayed their international sales so demand would grow and they could generate more profits, and here we are purchasing their products legitimately and according to all us standards.

  • Name

    I too have been added to the lifetime ban…after buying 5. I Bought 4 then went to the store one more time to buy one more wireless and 2 3G. They had the wireless in stock but I needed to reserve the 3G's, this was done for me by the same person I bought the wireless from. I got my confirmation email, got my “your iPad is ready for pick up” and got the “No you can't buy anymore when I went to the store.
    I have spoken with the store spoken as far as I can with Apple. As I have explained to them if those are your rules OK but at least let me know what the rules are and don't change them after you agreed with me what they were.
    These were gifts for friends in Hong Kong, not that I think that really matters, I guess it's just another clever marketing ploy by Apple which I am somehow playing along with.
    Just wish I knew before the whistle went……

    • Protocol Snow

      That's weird… so maybe 5 really is the limit? I thought it was just a random ceiling that the clueless guy at my Apple store enforced on me.

  • mabs

    was doing some research on VDara.. and came upon this webpage/blog..
    i love your blog! i ended up reading other entries other than VDara after.. hope you didn't mind. keep it up!

    • Protocol Snow

      Thanks! If you have questions about Vdara, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

  • sabbath

    I was directed to this blog when I shearched about Buzzer Beat at google..
    I love Asian drama, especially Japanese drama ^ ^

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