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A Bathing Ape collection

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Surprisingly, I’ve received many requests for this page because people want to see all my Bape posts in one place. Although in the future I will make a fancier photo gallery, this is a good start for now!

A Bathing Ape Bape city camo shark hoody harajuku shibuya taipei tokyo collection

A Bathing Ape Bape city camo polo shirt taipei

Mr. Bathing Ape Bape United Arrows camo tie necktie collection

Mr. Bathing Ape Bape United Arrows camo tie necktie collection

A Bathing Ape Bape multi-camo tie necktie

A Bathing Ape Bape e-mooks book catalog

More to come in the future: T-shirts, miscellaneous items

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August 8th, 2010 at 11:14 pm

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  • Soulie17

    glad to see someone is still on Bape. It makes me sad to see such a streetwear giant loose popularity and stuff. I'm so sad the L.A. store closed down

    • Protocol Snow

      I'm kind of glad Bape isn't so hot anymore because it means all the people who only jump onto the latest, hottest thing have moved on to something else. Plus it's (slightly) easier to get the goodies I want. I agree though, too bad L.A. store closed. Hopefully it's only temporary until they find a new location.

  • Kacee68

    How do you place an order?

    • Protocol Snow

      You can buy directly from Bape NYC at

      However, they only stock the current season's collection. I am much more interested in older Bape collections (like 2005-2009). Obviously those can only be purchased on the aftermarket now. I browse through Yahoo Japan auctions and use a bidding service like to help bid on items for me. There are also USA resellers like but they are much more expensive

  • adc

    If you want to get rid of one of these ties, I'll be happy to buy one.

  • James

    hi you interested in an Aoyama exclusive APE camo tee by any chance? 

  • JapaneseTease

    I love your posts about Bape with all these well shot pictures :) Like yourself I'm really into books and catalogues and even if my Japanese is not on a level where I could fully understand all the articles in the mooks, it's still fun to get some bits and pieces.

    The big time for Bape is long gone but they still make some nice pieces from time to time. I always try to find some good stuff at yahoo Auctions but it's somewhat unappealing to me. Just can't stand the website with these tiny, tiny preview pics. I'm usually buying either directly via zoo or stay246 for some older stuff.

    Keep up the great work, always great to read and look at!