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My residency is over in a few weeks. It’s hard to believe and I’ll have to dedicate a future post to reflect on the experience. My last site update was nearly a year ago and my backlog of posts is in the dozens, but I wanted to at least make a quick post and show that I’m still alive.

Last autumn, I traveled across the country for over a dozen fellowship interviews. It was a surreal experience because I revisited literally all the institutions I’ve studied or worked at after high school. I felt like I was time-travelling through the past 10 years of my life. Impossible not to be nostalgic and reflective.

Atlanta Aquarium Ocean Voyager largest tank habitat whale sharks

Along the journey, one of my stops was Atlanta, Georgia to visit Emory University Hospital. It was my first time visiting Atlanta and I was so excited to visit the world-famous Aquarium. Its claim to fame is housing the world’s largest aquarium habitat. I could have sat there for hours watching the whale sharks swimming by and manta rays doing back flips. Wish they had a live stream of the view that I could set as my desktop wallpaper! I would never get any work done.

I made a video of the attraction. It’s a shameless copy of a fairly famous video showing the Okinawa Aquarium, which at one point had the second largest tank in the world.

Atlanta Aquarium Ocean Voyager largest tank habitat whale sharks

Atlanta Aquarium Ocean Voyager largest tank habitat manta ray

Atlanta Aquarium Coral Reef tropical fish

Of course, there’s a lot of other displays in the aquarium other than the main tank, including this neat coral reef tank with hundreds of colorful tropical fish darting around.

Atlanta Aquarium Sea Dragon

Atlanta Aquarium Jellyfish

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June 3rd, 2015 at 12:00 am

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