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Valley of Fire – Fire Wave

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As a Los Angeles native, I visit Las Vegas so often that on recent trips I’ve started looking into day trips outside the city. Valley of Fire is a brisk sub-hour drive away and I especially recommend it for landscape photography enthusiasts. The sandstone formations provide dazzling colors that look from an alien planet.

Valley of Fire park the Fire Wave

Fire Wave used to be a secret location known only to informed hikers and photographers. But it became so popular in recent years, with more people parking on the sides of the road and hiking to the spectacle, that a couple years ago the park service forbade people from parking off-road and unofficially laid out a hiking trail with guideposts. I say unofficially because Fire Wave is still not labeled as an attraction on the park map (although it’s featured on the map cover *wink wink*). The only way people can accidentally stumble upon it is by chance seeing a small sign in a small parking lot pointing in the direction of Fire Wave.

The hike is an easy 0.5 miles and well worth the walk. For photo purposes, I was hoping for better clouds and a more interesting sunset. Nevertheless, it made a strong first impression on me, and I will certainly be back.

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February 27th, 2014 at 10:25 pm

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