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Braving a new world

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Tomorrow is the first day of my new life. Years of blood and sweat have at last led to my first official day as a M.D. Saying that I face it with great trepidation is a massive understatement. Knowing that so many doctors consider intern year of residency the worst year of their life only sharpens its fangs.

But it’s also exciting. And no matter what, I will learn so, so much. And hey, at least I’m not doing surgery!

The past couple months have been a whirlwind. Shopping for an apartment, then a house. Graduating from medical school. Selling most of my possessions, then setting off on an indescribably amazing mega roadtrip across the USA back home to California (3,812 miles and 11 days in total), leaving my past in the rearview mirror and driving to my future.

Monument Valley street approach Utah Arizona roadtrip Approach to Monument Valley, Utah

I have so many photos and videos from the trip I want to share, but with free time being a premium luxury, I will have to trickle them out as I slowly sort through them. In the meantime, please enjoy a small selection. Hopefully intern year won’t be as bad as they say, but if I’m ever in the pits of despair, may the memories of these incredible sights give me strength.

Milky Way arm galaxy photography roadtrip Milky Way arm from Bryce Canyon

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June 29th, 2012 at 1:35 am

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