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Season’s Beatings V: Photo gallery

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Although I love following the competitive Street Fighter community, I myself am an average player at best. I was hesitant to register for the Super Street Fighter IV tournament at Season’s Beatings V because 1) I haven’t even played SSFIV yet, and 2) the last time I played SFIV was about 5 months ago. I blame medical school! But ultimately, I entered the tourney since I was going to be at the venue anyway. Yes, I did go 0-2 and yes, I did embarrass myself.

Season's Beatings V Redemption fighting game tournament Daigo Umehara Super Turbo Super Street Fighter II Turbo arcade

But it’s okay! Because besides watching world-class Street Fighter competition, my other goal at Season’s Beatings V was to practice event photography. I am very much an amateur and have only become interested in photography in the past year, but I had good practice at the tournament and learned a lot. The fruits of my labor are posted below. Marvel fans, not much in here for you guys unfortunately. I don’t like using traditional photo galleries with thumbnails, so photos are posted full-size sequentially.

Feel free to use these photographs however you wish as long as the watermark is left intact and/or my site is given credit. This is standard courtesy and goes without saying, but unfortunately is not common practice. Thanks, it would be greatly appreciated.

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October 21st, 2010 at 10:45 pm

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Season’s Beatings V: GamerBee interview

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This weekend, the eyes of the fighting game community were on Season’s Beatings V: Redemption. Not only were North America’s best players in attendance, marquee international players Daigo Umehara, Momochi, Choco Blanka, GamerBee and Starnab were special guests. I had the privilege to interview Bruce “GamerBee” Hsiang from Taiwan and get to know him a bit. Read on to learn about some of his fighting game philosophies, the Taiwan fighting game scene, and his experiences at EVO 2010 and Season’s Beatings V.

Season's Beatings V Redemption fighting game tournament Gamerbee Taiwan Super Street Fighter IV SSF4 Bruce Hsiang Arturo Sanchez Sabin

Note: The bulk of this interview was conducted on Saturday (day 2) of Season’s Beatings V, shortly before the Team USA vs. The World exhibition. The last section of the interview includes post-tournament thoughts after he won 1st place in Super Street Fighter 4 singles tournament.

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October 18th, 2010 at 2:47 pm

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Medical school 3rd year rotation: Surgery

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Over a year has passed since I last wrote about my adventures in medical school. The last time I discussed anything school-related, I was just starting 3rd year. This is when the fun begins and fresh medical students with zero clinical experience are tossed head-first out of the classroom into the hospital workplace. You might think that after two years of medical school, we would know a thing or two.

But no.

After we hurtle through the air and land in the hospital, we are immediately and ruthlessly punched in the face with the grim reality that we know nothing about taking care of patients. Truth of the matter, the first two years are dedicated to studying basic science subjects like physiology of the human body, anatomy, microbiology, biochemistry, pathology and all sorts of other “-y’s”. All important information, sure, but the challenging part of being a doctor is applying that massive amount of information in real life, with all its subtleties and complexities. Learning how to apply medical knowledge for patient care goes beyond just 3rd year and takes years, which is why we have residency training after graduating from medical school.

Surgery rotation operating room medical school

3rd year is about more than just getting our first clinical experiences. It’s also our only exposure to the practice of every major medical discipline (pediatrics, surgery, OB-GYN, and so forth). We spend one-two months rotating through each medical specialty and getting a taste for everything. That’s why 3rd year is so critical because guess what? We have one year to try everything out before we pick a specialty and apply to residency in 4th year. One year to choose our career.

Most students enter medical school with some idea of what kind of doctor they wish to be, but faculty always advise us to keep an open mind because nobody really knows for sure until we actually spend two months in a specialty rotation grinding out the hours. Students may be deadset on becoming pediatricians, for example, because they “love kids”. Well, spend two months working with very sick kids, a few who may die under your care, and some people change their mind because they can’t take it.

Before I started 3rd year, I was strongly considering a surgical career. Working with my hands, using cool surgical instruments, taking advantage of my manual dexterity, curing patients (surgery is the only way to eliminate many diseases) … all of that sounded very appealing in theory. But less than a week into the surgery rotation, I was already miserable.

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October 13th, 2010 at 8:47 pm

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UNIQLO fever strikes Taiwan

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Taiwan is the land of the mega-mall, with over a dozen in Taipei alone. On Thursday, Uni-Hankyu opened yet another new mall in the trendy Xinyi district of Taipei. The highlight of the grand opening was undoubtedly Taiwan’s first UNIQLO store. This Japanese casualwear retailer is popular the world over and Taiwanese buyers showed up in the thousands with wallets open, on a weekday no less!

UNIQLO Taipei Taiwan store grand opening crowd line Japanese casual clothing retailer

The line was an estimated 3,000 people long, not only at start of business hours but continually throughout the day (and night!) as eager shoppers replenished the line. The wait to go in the store hovered around 4 hours. This may go down in Taiwanese lore as U-Day, signifying not only the arrival of UNIQLO to Taiwan shores but also the Upturn of the economy as consumer confidence builds into actual spending power.

The only USA UNIQLO store opened 2004 in New York City. When will Los Angeles get some love? I hate waiting in lines myself, but seeing mega line-ups might as well be erotic material for me. Lots of visuals for your pleasure follow.

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October 9th, 2010 at 12:38 pm

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