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A Bathing Ape tie collection

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Apologies for the sporadic updates on my site! For the past decade, summer has consistently been the busiest time of the year, be it because of research, standardized tests or applications for the next phase of my life. This year is no exception! So updates will be a bit slow until I get over this hump.

Mr. Bathing Ape Bape United Arrows camo tie necktie collection

Brief post today. A few months ago, I was complaining about the ridiculously difficult to find Mr. Bathing Ape ties. I searched high and low for them in a futile effort since the supply was completely dry. Finally, a reseller in Tokyo somehow managed to get a few in stock. Sometimes persistence does pay off!

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Written by Protocol Snow

August 7th, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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