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How I went from Apple store newbie to lifetime ban in one week

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I had planned on reviewing the iPad in my next post, but instead I’ll dedicate this entry to my photo below and an incident that happened today. Review of the iPad coming soon.
(UPDATE: now posted)

Apple ipad tablet slate shopping

As was correctly guessed, those iPads in the photo are not for me. When Apple delayed the international iPad launch by a month, early adopters worldwide started to panic. Since my nearby Apple store initially had plenty of stock, I offered to purchase and ship iPads internationally for members of the NeoGAF gaming forum. I was doing this as a favor, unlike hoarders who were unloading iPads on eBay to cash in on the $150+ markup. Instead, my asking prices were very reasonable, just enough to cover all the tax, international express shipping, and Paypal fees with a little left over for unexpected costs.

So as the pick-up requests came in, I went on multiple visits to the Apple store, buying no more than 2 per day since I had heard there was a limit per person. I found this whole situation pretty funny considering I had never bought an Apple product prior to this madness (the iPod Touch I use at work was given to me by my medical school). But the store recently went completely out of stock. I had one last order to fulfill so an employee helped me place a reservation. A few days passed and yesterday I was sent an email notifying that my reserved iPad had come in. The story begins here…

Apple store

I walk into the store today and ask somebody where I can pick up my iPad reservation. He notes my name and says he’ll be back, going behind closed doors to the stockroom.

I take advantage of this opportunity to place another iPad reservation using a store PowerBook. There are a couple more NeoGAF people considering a purchase, but they haven’t paid me yet. Oh well, by the time this reservation comes in, one of them should have made up his mind and sent payment.

But drats, reservations are limited to one per iTunes account. Luckily I have a second account so I used that to place the reservation. No sweat.

The employee emerges a few minutes later with the iPad and I hand over my credit card. If you’ve never been to an Apple store before, instead of checking customers out at a register, the employees use hand-held credit card terminals to ring up purchases. Adds to the hip factor, I suppose.

Apple ipad tablet slate shopping genius bar store

But instead of using his handheld device, he walks to the back of the store where the “Genius Bar” is. Naught a word spoken. There are registers here but this area is used mainly for technical support. I follow the guy there. He still hasn’t said anything to me. He gives my credit card to one of the staff there and says, “I want you to help me ring up this purchase.”

Guy #2 (looking at the handheld terminal) — “Why don’t you just use that?”

Guy #1 — “I need to check the card for… uh, pre-authorization.”

Guy #2 — “Ok.”

He swipes my card and they click around for about half a minute while looking at their monitor and whispering. Meanwhile, I’m standing on the other side of the Genius Bar, only half paying attention to these two guys. Instead I was curiously watching an employee ask a girl what she loves most about Apple.

Guy #2 (murmuring) — “…yeah, the 14th.”

My attention snaps back when I catch this snippet. April 14th was my last trip to the Apple store, and I had bought 2 iPads that day. When I walked to the Genius Bar, I hadn’t suspected anything out of the ordinary. But now I suddenly realize I will not be walking out of here with an iPad today.

Guy #1 says to Guy #2 — “Hold on, I’ll be right back” and disappears to the stockroom again. Guy #2 is still clicking around, not looking at me.

Me (nonchalantly) — “Is there an issue?”

He’s still staring at his monitor and a few seconds pass before Guy #2 carefully says, “There is a limit to the number of iPads that customers can buy.”

Me (playing dumb) — “Oh, is that right? What’s the limit?”

Guy #2 — “Only 2 per customer.”

Apple ipad tablet slate shopping genius bar store

Ok, so the gig is up. I stand around waiting for a bit and was preparing to leave when Guy #1 returns.

Guy #1 — “I’m sorry sir, but you have reached your lifetime limit of iPad purchases and will not be allowed to buy any more.”

Me (anticipating that statement) — “Is the iPad limit per person? Per credit card? Per household?”

Guy #1 — “All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit.”

Me — “What does that mean? Can I use a different credit card to buy it? I’m buying this for a friend.”

Guy #1 — “You are not allowed to buy this iPad.”

Me — “Uhh… is it ok if I have a family member or friend come to buy it for me? My reservation doesn’t expire until 6:00 PM.”

Guy #1 — “All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit.”

Me (suddenly realizing what he’s saying) — “Wait, what? Lifetime? What does that mean?”

Guy #1 — “All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit of iPads and will not be allowed to buy any more.”

Me — “I’m banned from buying iPads? I know there’s a shortage right now, but I can’t buy any more once there’s plenty of stock?”

Guy #1 — “All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit.”

I pause and look at him with incredulity undoubtedly written all over my face. Everybody tells me I have the worst poker face. Hey asshole, nice job with the passive aggressiveness, but who do you think you’re talking to? I’m from Los Angeles; nobody does passive-aggressive like we do!

Me — “Ok buddy, I’m not going to make a scene so I’m leaving. How many iPads is the limit by the way?”

Guy #1 — “That information is not available.”

Me (looking at Guy #2, who has been silent this whole time) — “He tells me that the limit is two.”

Guy #1 — “I wish I could say but I do not have that information.”

Me — “I’ve already purchased more than 2 iPads. Why didn’t anybody else stop me in the past?”

Guy #1 — “I wish I could say but I do not have that information.”

Me — “Alright, I’ve had enough. Have a good day.”

The icing on the cake? When I came home, I found an email from Apple waiting for me. It was an update about my reservation, the one I had placed today in the store using my 2nd account!

Apple ipad tablet slate shopping genius bar store

Ban complete.

APPENDIX: Many people have been emailing me to ask how much I charged people. While I had previously decided not to give any concrete numbers, I also didn’t anticipate the wide interest in my story. For full disclosure, here are the specific figures:

A 16 GB iPad model retails for U.S. $499. My initial asking price was U.S. $650. This price includes all my additional charges: sales tax, 2 day USPS international express shipping, insurance, and Paypal credit card fees. All customs duty was properly declared.

This initial price was based on a shipping cost which I had estimated myself. Once I actually shipped the first package out and knew the actual USPS shipping cost, I refunded $20 to my buyers and lowered my price to U.S. $630.

The other models were priced the same way.

In summary, 16 GB for $630, 32 GB for $740, 64 GB for $850.

How is this different from eBay markup? eBay auctions add additional shipping costs and fees on top of the final auction value ($150-$200 above retail last I checked).

I bought 5 iPads total. You can do whatever calculation you want to figure out my “big-time profits”. I’ll save you the time: it was negligible.

Was it worth all that effort driving around after long days working at the hospital? Financially, no. But 5 diehard Apple fans in countries around the world are now very happy and spreading the iPad love to friends and co-workers, who would not have seen the iPad in person for a month at the very minimum. A couple of them have requested that I buy a few more iPads for their friends. I had to decline because… well, Apple banned me.

Apple storePhoto from Flickr. I don’t know his story, please don’t go flaming him.

Let’s play a game: how many sites will use this photo in connection with my story when they post about it, thinking these iPads are all mine? Just a little test to see if people actually read what I write instead of being sensationalists and grabbing only what they want to hear.

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Written by Protocol Snow

April 17th, 2010 at 4:51 pm

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  • joe

    And someone should have sympathy for you because you want to grab them all over other customers? I would have done the same thing, far earlier, if it was my store. And bonus points for acting smug, as if they need your business.

    • Daniel

      'Smug' Are you high? They have a ton in stock, do not mention this beforehand and the moron selling them obviously does not even know what the 'ban' refers to. Of course he should be pissed at them!

      Sorry you can't buy any more cauliflower today, you have reached your lifetime ban..


    • Guest

      “But the store recently went completely out of stock. ”

    • Ryan

      Okay, how would you stop the ebay problem then?

    • Texas

      Apple, much like DeBeers, is creating a false demand. Limiting how many people can buy, creating a sense of superiority in those who can get them. Its all market manipulation and Apple did get the money for the ones he purchased. Not only that, other people who could not get the iPad, gained an avenue that they did not have. In other words, he was providing to the “other customers” you dolt.

    • Eric Oak

      +1 points for use of economics ftw.

    • Mac

      Kudos sir. Every once in a while you come across a cogent comment like yours in a flame wars and you get that warm feeling that says “reading all this drivel wasn’t a complete waste of braincells.” Thanks @Texas.

    • Station

      I like this… Great example of a free market economy. What apple is doing is assuming control of the market.

    • Joe

      “Apple, much like DeBeers, is creating a false demand.”

      Your evidence of that? Keep in mind that you’re accusing a Fortune 500 CEO of intentional SEC fraud which is a felony. Now, please provide us with your evidence and forward it to the SEC.

      Not to mention, of course, that Apple doesn’t have to create false demand. There is plenty of demand for the iPad and if they had them, they could have sold millions by now.

      Why is it that juveniles think that they can make wild-assed accusations like that without a shred of evidence? And why do some people believe them?

    • Fake Al Gore

      Creating false demand is not a crime in any way. It is economics 101.

    • J_Porter

      Why is it that so many “juveniles” like to throw around completely inappropriate (and incorrect) legal references, as though they’re in a badly-written episode of Law & Order? Adjusting production (supply) to create a shortage (demand) is not a felony, that’s utterly ridiculous. You should be ashamed to have written that garbage. If that were true, all the major Oil & Gas executives would be behind bars, for manipulating refining capacity.

    • Strauss Saxon

      This is not false demand, they are not them selves boosting your product, this is a marketing excersise: happens alot with high demand electronics e.g. videocards such as the ati 4870,small volume allocated distributions for each market shortly folowed by a surge in avalable stock and thus large volume market allocations.

      I don’t see why buying more then two is an issue fir fan boys to get all uppity about. The whole issue rather irrelevant. The Device its self is not revolutionary, exceptionally special, nor well spec’d or in fact a replacement for any device. It its Need Vs Want issue, arguably in this day and age people and companies forget about this . The product is not a technical necessity ( phones, laptops, mp3 players, ) with most if not all features and ability’s to be achieved with what the consumer all ready has. The consumer will not be crippled or inhibited in any way if they have to wait for their product temporarily. This is not a consumable and it is not a limited time offer. The product will be here to stay and will be proceeded by future models and compete against rival products.

      Also on another note, production, material utilization could be boosted by a manufactureing process such as stamping, hydro forming, ECM whilst reducing waste material ( they mill the back plates/body of almost all the products producing much swarf and paying stupid amounts for tooling costs such as replacement) and environmental impact. Apple needs to hire some manufacturing engineers and pull their thumb out their arse.

  • Protocol Snow

    I suppose I should have anticipated the hate, but consider this: I started doing international pick-ups for people 1 week after the iPad launch. At that time my Apple store still had plenty of stock, so anybody who wanted an iPad could have gone in and bought one without any trouble (no 16 GB though).

    The reserved iPad I went to pick up today was the only one I had to reserve.

    • Nameless

      Screw Apple. Ridiculous company, ridiculous sheep-like following.

  • Justin

    Dude, you're in the wrong. A policy is a policy whether you agree with it or not. Your intentions may have been good but it really doesn't matter, 2 per customer is 2 per customer, if you somehow manage to go over that limit, then the store can and should do whatever is in their power to make sure it doesn't happen with you again. Ignorance of the policy is not at the fault of the store.

    • Protocol Snow

      I don't disagree with Apple's policy at all. In fact, I knew beforehand about the “2 per customer” limit, but I had figured it was 2 per customer per day or something, which was why I hadn't been stopped before and why I was surprised I was stopped today.

    • Notamouse

      Interesting story, Protocol.

      My guess is that the employees happened to notice the number you bought, mentioned it to the store manager, and they just didn’t know quite how to deal with it. Obviously there’s no such thing as a lifetime ban – but it’s reasonable for them to want to prevent scalpers.

      Why didn’t they deal with it differently? Why didn’t they have a more real response than they did?

      Because the store employees are regular humans and make mistakes, not because there is some evil Apple conspiracy out there.

    • Some guy

      So, you assumed that “two per customer” really meant something entirely different, and you want to bitch about Apple not agreeing with your wishful thinking?

    • oomu

      in my job, in a exceptional situation , I will refuse to debate with customers. I will simply tell a straightforward answer. (I’m doing network administration stuff, and yes we have a strict policy I have no right to change as I want even if you are a nice person. It would be dishonest to the person coming just after you. )

      Of course, I will redirect to my superior for more enquiry.

      but, NEVER, NEVER debate with customer. Only the director or whatever person who can decide is the right person to debate something.

      one last thing

      in Europe, we don’t know for sure when the damn iStuff will be sold

      and when I read some guys go to buy 10 ipads in one shop ! it’s infuriating, even if he is the best friend ever. Jealousy is not nice :)

      and don’t start me with the whole ebay thing.

    • fanboy

      First, not sure if it is legal. I can set up policy that if you walk into my store, I own your soul. And I will, because “policy is a policy whether you agree with it or not”.

      Second, if there is such a policy, why didn’t they just tell him what the policy is? How can you agree with something you were never shown or told?

  • joped

    Apple barely has enough iPads to fill the orders in the US. Which is why they aren't shipping internationally yet. But dickheads like you are making that even harder for them. I don't blame them one bit for denying your purchases. You are absolutely no different then someone selling them on eBay.

  • jazmeister

    Madness. What if you just want a wall of iPads? What if you're some mega-rich private school owner and you want an iPad for every student at your school? What if you're making a star trek rip-off? What if you buy one for your girlfriend and then you break up with her? What if, oh, you want to buy them on behalf of your online friends?

    I really hate that “we don't need to be good to our customers” attitude. It's exactly as bad as self-entitled customers. Both parties should respect and understand each other. Repeating the same stock phrase over and over again is patronising and infuriating – as is probing a sales assistant whose hands are tied. A little “sorry” on either side couldn't hurt.

  • Protocol Snow

    I don't disagree with Apple's policy at all. In fact, I knew beforehand about the “2 per customer” limit, but I had figured it was 2 per customer per day or something, which was why I hadn't been stopped before.

  • The Dude does not Abide

    They have every right to ban you as you are acting as an unauthorized reseller. You say so yourself in your post.

    • Ryan

      Don't Apple want you to already have over $100k/year in Apple sales before they will grant you authorized reseller status?

    • RunawayJim

      And what if he just wanted a bunch of iPads for himself or what if he was giving them as gifts to people? Seriously, the limit is stupid. Apple shouldn't care as long as they get their money. And besides, he said that it wasn't like people were lining up at his local store to buy the things.

      The worst part about it was the response by the store employees. At least answer the dude's questions. Is there really a lifetime limit of 2 iPads per person or were they just trying to appease the big Steve (if there really is a lifetime limit of 2, that's super lame and makes me not want to buy another Apple product again)?

  • Daniel

    Wow, lots of Applefags here fighting tooth and nail to make them look like the 'little garage company just trying to satisfy their customers' with their piss poor support, horrible attitude and hipster behavior. Christ I am happy I don't want or need any of their products.

    • jazmeister

      I'd quite like an iPad, but really, I just want a big awesome multi-touch hand held computer thingy to play with. Apple doesn't need to make it. Maybe Google will make something I can write my own programs for. Then I can finally pretend to be Captain Picard.

    • Danny's boitoy

      So right!

      By the way, in which aisle of JCPenney did you buy your leather jacket? I assume the scowl and world weariness is optional, right? I wanna be a rebel like you, Danny!

    • Notamouse

      “Piss poor support”???

      Gee, I guess making a reservation to have someone help you with tech support, walking in to an Apple Store, having the reservation start on time, and then getting a real person to deal with whatever your problem is, for free, yeah, that really sucks.

      I sure wish I bought a Dell/HP/whatever POS Windows generic box and got to sit on hold for three hours waiting for a nice guy in Bangalore to help me. That is much better support than those Apple hipsters.

    • mousetrap

      I know Notamouse, the HP guys in Bangalore are so nice! In fact, when I called HP for support the guy in Bangalore treated me like an intelligent human being and solved my problem! Better yet, he was a real tech guy, not someone paid to read from a troubleshooting guide. I’m not sure what you mean by “getting a real person,” I’m pretty sure that even though he had an accent he was a real person. The call only took about 40 minutes, less than the time it would have taken me to get to the nearest Apple store. I didn’t even need to put on pants.

      I sure wish I bought a Mac generic box so I could be cool, just like everyone else.

    • Notamouse

      Congrats on finding a “real tech guy” in your support call to HP. In my experience the Bangalore guys are in fact very nice, and real – but rely on troubleshooting guides as much as anyone in the business, and will eventually route tricky calls needing real tech support back to the US to “advanced tech support”. Which is time-consuming and fraught with aggravation for the customer – yet companies will often try to charge you for this “support”. It’s a big part of why I am no longer a Dell, nor HP customer.

      PS, if you really want to be cool, start by putting on some pants and getting out of the house. ;-)

    • soska

      What? No! If you want to be REALLY cool. Get out of the house but forget the pants. That’s hip.

    • Ben

      I think that’s two hips :)

    • Kevin

      He has a point, driving to and from the store is time consuming. I live within 25 minutes of 4 malls with Apple stores in them, it is Apple central around here. That is still 50 minutes of time in a car. I can work out almost anything faster than that over the phone. And I’ll take in home service over me going to your company store service any day of the week.

    • jcasetnl

      Mac people don’t think in terms of economizing time. What they really want is someone to LISTEN to them. They want the genius bar people to “oh” and “I’m so sorry” and reassure them. Just as if they were back in momma’s arms. And they’ll pay pretty much anything to get it. You have to give it to Steve Jobs – he saw what a generation of wimps were being bred and he sold them the unconditional love they so desperately need.

    • alexmi

      I’m not going to go crazy on you here, but I have a few things go mention. Some are in agreement with you, some aren’t.

      First off, I work as an assignment editor for a local news station in Vancouver. At work, I spend most of my day using OS X for editing, and some Windows machines in the air chain (The air chain is everything involved in going live to air, i.e. camera through to transmission antenna). At home, I use a Windows desktop and a MacBook Pro as my notebook.

      Prior to taking this position, I worked as a level 2 technician within the company, servicing Windows machines. The users that I dealt with day in, day out were not ‘mentally challenged’, but instead were not concerned with learning the ins and outs of their computer. When service is one call away, there is no advantage for them in spending the time and energy to troubleshoot their computer issues beyond the basics.

      Many of these users used Windows machines at home, while many others owned Macs. I’m fairly certain that most of these people did not buy a Mac because they wanted to go crying to Steve Jobs with a problem, but instead to have to ability to go to the Apple Store on their lunch break and have their problems solved by someone who is there specifically to provide after-sales service that is among the best available in the industry. Even though even these ‘Geniuses’ (Yes, I agree that the term is somewhat elitist, but I believe that it was chosen to create a consistent product image – just marketing, through and through.) may not be extreme techies, they are often able to help solve problems without the typical ‘format and install’ approach that many large Windows manufacturers technical support guides love. This face to face service is certainly something that these people were willing to pay for, and I don’t know a single Mac user who considers him or her self better than a Windows user because they use a Mac or have access to a ‘Genius’ on a whim. Nor do I know any Mac users who are ‘assclowns with eating disorders’, or who have ‘busted ass haircuts’.

      Yes, I paid a premium for my Apple products, whether or not they are ‘superior’ to similar products in the Windows world. I’m fine with that.

      – Alex

    • bporada

      It’s so funny how you guys are talking about how bad apples customer service and satisfaction is when it is consistently year in year out THE HIGHEST RATED COMPUTER COMPANY IN THE WORLD AND ONE OF THE HIGHEST RATED COMPANIES IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION…

      Get your facts straight

    • Highly Rated

      Low user base, 7/10 happy customers = 70% satisfaction. Better explanation please.

    • Sausage Machine

      5th largest computer manufacture by sales does not equal low user base where support is concerned.

    • Banksy

      But you have to stop and remember that Apple is only 5th…who’s ahead of them? ;)

    • Zybch

      Ever stopped to wonder why their numbers are so high?
      It surely wouldn’t be due to the disturbing emotional attachment and dependence the stupid users have developed with apple could it??
      You know the kind of thing. A glaringly obvious fault is pointed out about an apple product (not being able to print from an iPad for instance) and instead of agreeing that, yes it could have been done better, the average apple drone will make excuses about why the problem is there in the first place and how it makes apple products better than all others. Turning an obvious deficiency into a plausible benefit in their own minds.

      There seriously is no point in counting such users in customer service/satisfaction surveys because they will ALWAYS present apple in a positive light despite that annoying thing most people prefer to call ‘reality’.

      I own both macs and PCs and I’ve had far more issues with the apple stuff forcing me to do things THEIR way or not at all. For example; why the hell shouldn’t I be able to resize a window from ANY corner or side if i want to? But no, apple, to help protect me from the big bad world has taken that decision out of my hands and left me with a crippled product because they have determined that it is in my best interest to be treated like a moron. iTunes is a glorified spreadsheet not at all suited to managing my music, and the iPad is nothing more than a slight faster iPod Touch with a big screen you can’t easily put in your pocket.

    • Amanda Davis Reeves

      well…I for one welcome our new Apple over lords…also…I love the Apple store. I got my ipod touch recently, and reserved it to pick up at the store. They totally cut me to the head of the line at the genius bar. I got in and out with the touch and some I tunes within minutes. This was a rainy busy Saturday afternoon

    • NotAFanBoy

      re: Apple Support. Last summer I bought 2 Macbook Pros for my college bound kids. Apple offered printers as part of the deal (you buy the printer, then after a period of time Apple mails a rebate check to offset the purchase price). The printers were out of stock. No big deal I thought. I’ll just ask Apple to contact me (phone, email, I am not particular) when they are back in stock. Apple’s wonderful customer service went as follows:

      1. They will not set aside a printer I have already paid for
      2. They will not notify me when the product comes in that they have received payment in full for.
      3. I get to call them over and over again until they tell me the printers are in.
      4. Once the printers are in I am told to come to the store quickly as they might be gone by the time I get there as their customer friendly policy is to dish them out to whoever happens to be there when they come in.

      I ran right over to get the printers (which fortunately were still there). While I waited for a “genius” to bring them to me I saw another “genius” remove a “reserved for X” sign from another printer and bring it to a customer. It leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling in me to know that I have been lied to by a retail nerd.

      Now I know that a fan boy considers this another example of the “insanely great” Apple experience. I guess I am old fashioned. I still think a vendor should go out of their way to make a customer whole, particularly when the process of notifying a customer when something he or she has bought and paid for has come in.

      So, Notamouse, I would love to hear how you spin this into a favorable experience. I won’t hold my breath waiting for your answer. ……

    • AceTaikula

      And why didn’t they have those printers for you at the moment they offered them and when you were ready to pay?

      Apple has a remarkable number of people accepting its chronic supply shortages as normal. They are even represented in the press as some sort of positive for the company. But they are not normal and they are not a positive. They add up to thousands of lost sales.

      Apple has a history of jumping in front and then losing market share. Failure to get the products onto shelves at the moment people want them is a big reason why.

    • pbhj

      >getting a real person to deal with whatever your problem is, for free, yeah, that really sucks.

      For free. Ha ha. You’re in too deep.

    • jcasetnl

      For free, when you paid a premium on the device, and by virtue of that, agreed to pay premiums on software and hardware. That’s like going into a restaurant and saying “it’s such a great deal because when you buy food here, they cook it and serve it to you FOR FREE!”

      Your post exemplifies just how brainwashed so many Mac users are. You drank so much of the kool aid you paid much more up front for a fancy package and less computer, and now believe you get something “for free” on the back end that we PC people are all paying for. Newsflash: we know how to build, use and fix our computers. WE are the genius bar. We don’t need assclowns with eating disorders and busted ass haircuts telling us how to use our computers.

      Actually learn something about the device beyond how to click the uni-mouse and the creative opportunities open up naturally. Mac people live in a world of packaged “individuality” and “creativity”, and are woefully lacking in technical proficiency. If Mac users were painters they would need to visit the Genius Bar to know which brush to use next, or how to mix colors. Then pat each other on the back for being such creative “individuals” when all their crap comes out looking the same.

      The fact that the author couldn’t even get an intelligent answer from the crApple staff, just the canned “uh sorry I don’t have that information” over an over is evidence the company doesn’t even expect or desire their employees to exercise critical thought. And yet, they simultaneously call them “Genius”es.

      The only thing a mac user should feel about using a mac, is inferior. You can’t learn any other computer and you need the one with training wheels. You can’t cope without knowing the “genius bar” will cradle you to sleep when you get a boo boo. And like all five year olds, you need to be told how “special” you are all the time. Okay. Fair enough, and you paid for the unconditional computer love you so need so much. Just please stop acting like you’re special, unless you mean in the shortbus way.

    • MacGeek

      For someone who otherwise seems reasonably intelligent and well-informed, when the subject of Macintosh users comes up you say some amazingly stupid things. I was punching out decks of assembly code, dissecting core dumps, and building stereos and ham radios out of tubes and caps I salvaged from curbside trash long before you were born, and I *love* my Mac(s)!

      If you were half as smart as you obviously think you are, you’d realize what a clueless idiot your arrogant bigotry makes you come across as. Plenty of Mac users are rocket scientists; you just don’t know any because we’ve got better things to do than suffer fools like you…

    • ddddlin

      If you have better things to do than suffer fools like us, then why take the time to respond to his post? I find that kinda ironic.

      jcasetnl may be wrong that all mac users are dumb and don’t know anything about computers, but he is right about the kool aid many mac users are drinking. I think the people who aren’t buying that crap are tired of the smugness coming from the apple marketing machine and apple fanboys. “It just works” is fine and great, but PCs have their own merits, and if they were so crappy, they wouldn’t have the market share they do. It’s fine to like apple products, but when you start buying all your products from one company because they’re ‘hip’ and its an “Apple” I think you’ve been brainwashed.

      For the record, I am open to any product as long as it looks good, works well, and fits my needs. I am not solely a PC user or solely an Apple user. Also, the iPad is really not that great. My friend bought one and returned it two weeks later because it didn’t really provide any value over what his iPhone does. It’s also too heavy to use as a book reader for any reasonable amount of time.

    • bbiggs

      You… for the most part have a point. “Looks good, works well, and fits my needs.” That’s rationality.

      You save money buying a Windows based machine. Sure. It’s true. But that money you save is going straight to tech support, unfortunately.

      “if they were so crappy, they wouldn’t have the market share they do.”

      They are inexpensive. That’s why they have that marketshare. I’m sorry, but it’s because they’re crappy that they have that marketshare. They’re cheap, and do the bare minimum, and there’s so many people who only want the bare minimum in a computer. They just want to email and watch youtube.

      The majority of computer buyers are people who wants to watch youtube, go on facebook, listen to music and write emails. They look at an inexpensive PC and think that’s all they need. I’m not really sure what Merits the PC has over Mac, other than… DirectX… and that they are less expensive. Other than those 2 things, I honestly can’t think of one other thing the Windows based machine has over an OSX based machine. Can you?

      And what is so bad about having a nice stainless steel enclosure with no ugly lights or bells or whistles and just clean lines and quality materials? Why is that seen as a bad thing? I like how I can grab my notebooks display with both hands and not be able to bend it. That is clearly a feeling you will never experience.

      I’m sitting at one end of the table eating a steak with my stainless steel knife and fork, and you’re at the other end struggling with plastic cutlery, but trying to make it look effortless and easy. Ctrl+Alt+Del! My plastic knife cut through my paper plate!

    • jcasetnl

      Wow, you are beyond ignorant. PCs do the bare minimum? You mean like the 16-server, four-tier distributed system I installed at a Fortune 100 company for electronic bill payment that services 2000 simultaneous users? Or the 6 server cluster that runs a 3500 user email server? Or 20 TB system that runs 64 security cameras? Or the four server cluster that runs the website that gets over 100k hits per day? Or the (at least) 10x the software, shareware and freeware? Or the Quad SLI 3D graphics card capabilities? You mean those bare minimums? Maybe you need to “think different”.

      You THINK your Mac can do more because they created an interface that is easier to use and that allows YOU to do more. That doesn’t mean the Mac itself can do more, is better, etc. As I said, creating a simpler interface is not a bad thing, and Apples are particularly good for novice users for that reason. Just quit with the “I have a Mac and it’s so superior” crap. Smarter people know better.

      I’ll give you that Mac laptops are very nice looking. For desktops, I can build any computer case I want for my computer and it won’t void the warranty of the parts inside. Can you? I’d love to see what the genius bar says when you bring in your mac and it looks like this:

    • Zanter

      Funny, most administrators i know that install the kind of systems that you describe, are not such arrogant asses, know a few things about every system on the market, and respect that. So i’m having a hard time believing you.

      It’s not as if all Windows users are experts either. The few Apple users i know, know more about computers than all Windows uers i know put together. It’s nice for basic use, running your finance, playing games, but at the slightest sign of a driver issue, blue screen, bluetooth not working, they are all completely clueless. I’m always amazed at people clicking the print button repeatedly when the printer doesn’t work, as if the printer didn’t hear them the first time. Most people haven’t got the slightest clue about how computers in general work.

      Yes, i hate Apple fanbois ranting, but i hate the arrogance of bashers even more.

    • Schonward01

      Slight difference from a pc and a server don’t ya think ? Yeah we all run at T1 or higher speeds

    • Slam

      You can’t void a warranty that didn’t exist in the first place…

    • Halconnen

      “You save money buying a Windows based machine. Sure. It’s true. But that money you save is going straight to tech support, unfortunately.”

      I’ll abstain on repeating jcasetnl already said, so keep that in mind while you read this.

      I have been using PCs since I was five years old, and have owned one of my own that I didn’t let anyone else ever touch for seven years. I have never paid a single cent for tech support anywhere. While I haven’t been using that computer as my primary desktop in ages, it still works just dandy, barring one minor repair (I did myself) after it’s warranty ran out.

      My current desktop is tucked away in a sleek, simple, brushed black aluminium case without bells and whistles. I can have that with a PC just as well. Why you would even want to try and bend the display of your notebook is beyond me. I guess they are forced to make them sturdy because mac users break their displays otherwise?

      And I’d like to note a PC that you built yourself is considerably cheaper than any you can buy, while being faster, despite those already being cheaper than your average mac. And you still get 2-5 years of warranty on every single part no matter how you screw around with the computer as a whole.

      I do know several people that own macs (and I have to play tech support for some of them occasionally, apple stores aren’t widespread around here, hey, same pricetag and no easily available in person support, another plus~), and funnily enough, all they use them for is to surf and write and recieve their emails. Because, ‘hey, it works’.

      Am I the only one that sees the irony here?

      But hey, looks like I’m talking to a guy that brings stainless steel silverware to a BBQ at the beach, I should probably just shut up.

    • Tainna

      This is seriously the dumbest comment ever written!
      You are an embarrassment to Apple.
      Keep your mouth shut and do some research!

    • pepegalego

      Please, don’t be an idiot. Your much more handsome when you are not saying silly things.
      Apple products are what they are – walled gardens where everything is controlled propiety. The whole marketing ethos thingy is what gets me down.
      People want nice, good and cheap. PCs are nice and cheap and usually good, Apple products are nice and good. Apple support and judging from this article, customer service is crap.
      When I buy a Fiat or a Kia and I have a problem I am not too worried, because I went cheap, and 99 times out of 100 the car goes where I want it to, but if I buy a top range Audi I EXPECT IT TO BE PERFECT AND ANY SORT OF PROBLEM WOULD MAKE ME EXCEEDINGLY ANGRY. precisely because I paid the premium.
      Will someone convince me that Apples NEVER crash, NEVER get viruses and NEVER have to visit tech support!

    • puppa21

      I have an HP and its made completely out of Aluminum, which, if I’m correct, and I believe I am, is the very same material that Macbook Pro’s are constructed of. I have no problem with either system, they both have their pros and cons not unlike anything else. If you guys would simply listen to the companies themselves you might realize something…
      Windows wants to make PCs for customization by any client for any need and,
      Apple wants to make “Post PC Products” which will all be the same to promote social connectivity between its users.
      They are both very good at what they do, otherwise neither of them would be as successful and obscenely wealthy as they are today.

    • EZE

      Yes, I realize this post is 6 years old, I really don’t care as there is a major error in the process of thought that was expressed in this comment. I’m fairly young and have owned mostly pc’s, but I’ve also had a couple iTouch’s. First off we’ll start with the iTouch… They didn’t fit my needs, i literally had to “hack/jailbreak” every one I had a the customization, and app management just seemed terrible, sure I could easily… Install, delete… Whatever, why do I have to use the same iTunes setup, on the same unit that I synced my iTouch on… That’s dumb I can’t drag and drop (yes i know I can drag and drop if I don’t sync… I don’t want to do that every time I get a new album) from another iTunes unit… Say my friend has music, photos, videos that I’d also like. Also, it just never seemed I had enough freedom with the iTouch, and you say I have to pay for apps that I can get for free on a PC/Android device?!

      Next let’s goto gaming… Idk anybody that has a true hardcore gaming setup on ANY Mac that even my laptop can handle. Let’s not get started about my desk top. They don’t seem to meet my hardware needs to run at least 1080p at even 60fps, and God forbid if I’d like to stream on top of that.
      Now, for programming and maintenance, like I said, I’m fairly you, have always built and maintained my ENTIRE family’s line of PC’s from desktops to laptops, I rarely get calls and when I do 99.9% of the time the problem sources from, you guessed it, USER IGNORANCE. Yes, my family is ignorant when it comes to PC’s… Why? Well my parents are 60 and don’t have any education in the matter… Oh my, common situations, the horror… But, I must say I have NEVER had to call tech support for anything, and 99.9%, oh boy that number again, of my PC knowledge is all self education. Do I or my parents get viruses… NO, bc I have educated them on what idiotic, common sense, obvious viral ads not to click on. Btw I don’t have virus protection, nor do I have viruses,bc it’s actually common sense. (my Fiancé’s parents got a virus once, bc I didn’t get the opportunity to educate them otherwise, and it was one of the big, bad Russian viruses, that struck the nation…) it took me 5 minutes to manually remove and repair EVERYTHING. Last, another guy said it best, Mac doesn’t have them bc they aren’t a big enough market to be worth it, and actually I’m fairly certain there are a few that are popping up now. But back to maintenance, PC’s are very easy to maintain a long as you have the slightest bit of knowledge on how they work.
      Just a bit more my education status reigns to about the extent of high school and some college and I’ve modded every game console I’ve owned, built 2 computers, and even have given tech support to my buddy over the phone, letting him know he shouldn’t have removed the jumpers, without even a glance at his PC, he was building.
      Moral of the story, before you begin judging and jumping on the fanboy bandwagon, maybe do a little bit of research into possible options that you haven’t considered, and possibilities that God forbid, someone on the other end of the stick may know more about the other, or both ends of the stick, and realize that Mac is NOT better than PC and vise versa, if all you need to do is check email, get a Mac by all means, want to watch videos and music, get a Mac (iWhatever fits you best), but don’t try to knock down something you know little to nothing about, or without thinking above and beyond the simple little world you live in, maybe others need to break the harness of the simple restraints of the Mac and need a big boy machine to get the job done,something they can work with, and expand if needed, rather than an enclosed device that once the battery decides to stop holding a charge and common person would have to buy an entire new device instead of simply swapping out the battery (which is also something I’ve done on my iTouch). Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your simple, encased life! :)

    • EZE

      I guess jcasetnl beat me to it, I should have read further, oh well, can’t pass up on an uneducated reply.

    • jcasetnl

      Despite that I use words and phrases like “many Mac users”, do I really need to spell out that my comments don’t apply to every single Mac user that has ever touched a smug-bastard Mac keyboard? Do I? Really? Oh, that’s right – you’re a Mac user, so I guess I should have spelled that out. Then you would have had to think of an actual rebuttal instead of the easy “Not EVERY Mac user…” which is the oldest and lamest comeback since Usenet went on-line. Great creativity. You really “think different”.

      And NOBODY CARES about what you were doing 30 years ago. I might as well brag to the Indy 500 pit crew about my pedigree in building stage coaches. I used Macs in the System 6 and Apples in the IIe days and I can beat Glider. Nobody gives a sh%t. And at least back then the douche factor in the apple world was like 1/100th what it is now. So don’t think you’re mastery of crap no one uses anymore is relevant. Oh wait, did I say “no one”? I mean, most, the vast majority, etc. Don’t you want you to get your panties in a twist captain smart.

    • apple == fancy restaurant

      Yes, it really is like going to a restaurant and paying a premium for the service and comfortable chairs etc. For some reason people eat in the restaurants every day. You can save money by eating take-away, cooking your own meals (Linux?), or eat in some cheap self-service joint.

      Anyway, when I go the restaurant, I expect things to work smoothly and not having to pay anything extra for getting a real live waiter beside my table.

    • jcasetnl

      Which I already said. But don’t delude yourself into thinking that it’s free. I can spend a ton of money on “platinum support” too, and I can have save day pickup and replacement, too. That is, if I’m so mentally challenged I’m incapable of troubleshooting it myself.

    • Chris

      It’s too bad that you like to rag on mac users on a link from a mac forum. Do you come here for kicks? Trying to tell the mac world that systems that offer windows is better than systems that offer OSX. Let’s get serious here “jcasetnl”, how many less virus’ to mac’s get than PC’s? Hmmm, quite a few. I had a PC, realized how BS it was and went to mac and guess what? Way, fricken, better. How many virus resistant programs do you install on a PC? a lot. How many on a mac? zero. That’s funny eh? How many times will a PC crash on you for no reason? probably over 100. How many times for a mac? maybe 10 times total. Oh and not to mention how much longer macs last than PC’s and I know this from being a user of 5+ years of PC’s and being an owner of mac’s. So don’t feed the same garbage line like “whatever mac’s cost more” Obviously they cost more, that’s what happens when you pay for quality. Quality costs more. Plain and simple. Do you ever see TV shows or movies or anything ever that displays PC’s? Rarely do I see that, I always see mac’s so even the rest of society obviously thinks mac’s are the way to go. It’s fine that you love PC’s as much as you do but don’t come preaching to mac users that they’re better because even the ones that will listen to you like me, still know you’re wrong.

    • Andre

      “how many less virus’ to mac’s get than PC’s?”
      Who in their right programs a virus for like 200 computers world wide?

      “How many virus resistant programs do you install on a PC?”

      “How many times will a PC crash on you for no reason?”
      Never. No such thing as “crash without reason”. Just because you do not comprehend how a thunderstorm works, doesn’t mean it’s coming from the gods. In addition, Apple needs to program their OS for exactly one system: Their own. Windows needs to run on a gazillion different systems so some compromise needs to be made. And FYI, Windows Vista and Windows 7 have had yet to crash a single time. Same goes for the TV-box that’s running under XP pro for 7 years now.

      “Oh and not to mention how much longer macs last than PC’s and I know this from being a user of 5+ years of PC’s”
      A whole 5 years? so like what? Dos 6.2, Windows 95, 98 and ME and then you switched to Apple?

      “Obviously they cost more, that’s what happens when you pay for quality”
      Funny how that argument doesn’t count when you compare the price for Windows 7 Ultimate and Apple OSX 10.6. Then all of a sudden Windows is overpriced crap.

      Do you ever see TV shows or movies or anything ever that displays PC’s?
      There is more advertisement for Intel, Windows or IE than Apple.

      “so even the rest of society obviously thinks mac’s are the way to go”
      As the total numbers of apple computers vs windows computers clearly show.

      “because even the ones that will listen to you like me, still know you’re wrong.”
      Because clearly, with 5 years of Microsoft computer experience you are the omniscient guru that knows everything.

    • krizspec

      “”How many virus resistant programs do you install on a PC?”
      Yes you either run a Suite for firewall, virus, spyware, maleware and all those nice things or you just don’t connect to the internet?

      “”How many times will a PC crash on you for no reason?”
      Never. No such thing as “crash without reason”. Just because you do not comprehend how a thunderstorm works, doesn’t mean it’s coming from the gods. In addition, Apple needs to program their OS for exactly one system: Their own. Windows needs to run on a gazillion different systems so some compromise needs to be made. And FYI, Windows Vista and Windows 7 have had yet to crash a single time. Same goes for the TV-box that’s running under XP pro for 7 years now. ”
      Yes sure my brother who is quite tech knowlegable has been running XP, vista and 7 without many unexplaned crashes but on the other hand with XP blue screens very very common until SP2 and even so after that just from installing a new printer.
      Vista (the over priced crap) needs MAJOR tweeking to work on a non brand new computer with out being like a slow motion ride (have configured it on many a laptop regediting to disable some of its memory hungery uselessness)
      Then we come to windows 7 their best system ever sluggish heavy crap driver support for even big brands like acer would be easier to install mac os x on them.
      So yes you prolly know a thing or 2 about computers so yours don’t crash that often for no reason don’t try preach XP runtime of several years with out fault unless it was never turned on.
      But if you would on the other hand pay about the same for a mac (yes compere for example XPS to macbook pro thats about the only laptop that measures up and i mean the top of the line ones) then you get the tech support IF you need it and a package that runs out of the box with out having to install some silly malware apps or waiting atleast a few year until the OS you bought works decently (like xp which is barely up to snuff with service pack 3)

      So please stop your trolling and go back to pc land where everything is magical and you drink some more of that MS coolaid

    • jcasetnl

      You need to put down the iPipe. XP has included a firewall since SP2, which was 6 years ago. They also come with Windows Defender and there’s a ton of freeware out there too. But more importantly, it’s an OS that is ten years old, is still totally usable today and still receives updates.

      As for XPS and Macbook Pro comparison, again, lay off the iMeth. Compare the specs and look at newegg. The same or better specs are typically 50% cheaper for a PC. So you prefer to pay a 100% premium because you don’t want to take 15 minutes to install a commerial anti-virus product that costs about $40?

      And speaking of things that “just work out of the box”, don’t forget to pay extra for those mini display port adapters for your Macbook Pro if you want do presentations or hook up to an external monitor. They’re only $29 for what’s been standard on PCs for the last 20 years.

    • Slam

      Places like NewEgg don’t count. They sell production surplus for less, like a garage sale. It can’t be compared to original vendors.

    • Hanna Bundy

      här personen berättar sin historia om hur denne blev förbjuden att köpa fler iPadar från Apple Buy Research Paper

    • jcasetnl

      Are you smoking iCrack? I pointed out that the so-called “free” support you get isn’t really free, but built into the purchase price. You have NO CHOICE, you must buy it. But like a mac ditto-head, you like choices to be made for you. And anyway, if it all “just works” why do you need support anyway? You have the easiest to use computer ever made and you still need help. Way to go.

      Then you go off on the usual iVomit of “why Macs are better”, like a well-trained Mac monkey. No, Macs are better at some things. PCs and other systems are better at others. But users of other systems aren’t walking around sipping a soy mocha doucebag latte and creaming their shorts over how superior their system is, or how they magically become hip and creative because they carry around a container with PCBs, wires and computer chips in it.

    • Steve Jobbies

      Dude, I love your sarcasm, I’ve had a good laugh at your comments, the “assclowns with busted ass haircuts” nearly made me piss myself laughing. :) I’ve known quite a few Apple fans and none of them are like these iWanks you love to hate, but I would too if I did meet one..I’m typing this on a Mac too

    • Macinslaw

      How many of you are wintel jakes carcking on the mac guys are truly cross platform knowledgable? I can say that I am a Windows professional who uses a Mac at home along with a large number of us. Why? Because when we get home the alst thing we want is to have a problem with our computer. And gues what, the Macs just work. Always. If you would shut your traps lnog enough to understand why it would be obvious.

      When you buy a car, you don’t buy a car from a company that assemble parts from different manufacturers, and I’m not talking about how Ford or GM farms out crap, I mean one company makes the Engine, another makes a body, etc. Then some company buys all these parts and assembles them into a car. That’s a PC, a culmination of many manufacturers input, then the OS is designed by yet another company…no wonder there are problem with the OS, no wonder they crash and so forth. Windows is a fine OS, but it no where near the stability of the Mac Unix platform. Heck, Windows is nowhere near as stable as Unix or Linux either one.

      As for the exuberant prices, I can remember when PC parts were well beyond most peoples means. And just with PC’s Apple’s prices have been on the decline. You can even buy a mini for what, 399?

      And say what you want, I have never seen a PC that could compete when it came to graphics editing. Regardless, part of the stability and success of the Mac is due to the fact that Apple has kept control of the hardware manufacturing and the OS marriage. Without that control, it would be just as unstable as Windows. Even you windows guys CAN’T say that Unix/Linux isn’t more stable than Windows. To do so would only prove your lack of real knowledge and understanding of the computing experience. Passions run deep among this debate. Macs are more stable – fact. Windows are more popular – fact. Macs have fewer issues – fact. PC’s have more problems – fact. These are undisputed facts.

      PC guys are a little more defensive because there is a whole sub-culture in association with Apple products and no such culture exists with PC’s. It seems odd, and weird, but no more so that a football fan who attends every game and goes to the superbowl. I view that as nutty…paying those huge premiums to freeze in a stand when you could watch for free from home. Big deal! But that’s the culture of the fan. Don’t be hard on a group of people or a product for that matter because of fandom. Research the product and get to know it. Macs are a great computer and I love mine.

    • gpauljonas

      “Do you ever see TV shows or movies or anything ever that displays PC’s?”
      Please correct me, if I’m missing something, but a Mac IS a PC.
      TV shows displaying Dell / Alienware: The Big Bang Theory, Chuck.
      Last movie I remember displaying Mac’s: It’s Complicated.
      (Srsly? I think, I didn’t get your point.)

      I’m using Ubuntu and Gentoo (no virus, no malware, less than one crash per month) and I like my iPod. I’m fan of neither OSX nor Windows 7.

    • Dee

      The answer is simple to that question. TV shows are edited on a PC editing program called AVID which is cheap and quickly becoming obsolete. Movies are edited on a Mac program called Final Cut Pro. Hence why you see PC in TV shows and Macs in movies. I’m an TV and movie editor. I would rather use final cut pro any day over avid.

    • aboysham

      That’s a load of wank. AVID was created for the Mac and was the most eminent editing program since its inception. Final cut pro is mostly used for low budget productions, which is where your attitude belongs.

    • Walker

      No, you see advertising where and when it is PAID. No one will show you Mac or Dell without them paying first. If you think otherwise, than… you would not understand.

    • crazYboy

      you think apple is better just because it appears more often in movies than pcs? pretty shity argument

    • ahh

      Perhaps better to cite that most movie makers, as well as journalists, designers, and creative types of many descriptions use macs to make the media you view everyday…

    • joebingo

      More of those creative types use PCs rather than macs. Especially for serious TV post production work, which is dominated by Avid Media Composer and Windows. Of course, the marketing department at Apple would have you believe that Final Cut Pro is the sole reason for the film and tv industries existing.

      I’m not saying that FCP isn’t in use, it’s just that when it is, everyone in the office sighs at the prospect of the next few weeks of torture while trying to re-link media which isn’t even on the same computer any more.

    • Halconnen

      “how many less virus’ to mac’s get than PC’s?”

      While not directly a virus but more of a security problem in general, have you even -looked- at some of the more recent security patches?


      Some of the flaws they fixed in that one makes Windows 98 look like the IT security bulwark of the century.

      Some might find this jarring, but given they can’t even manage to do DHCP on iPads ( ) right, I’m not that surprised.

    • vin

      Interesting read

    • Shaun


      Just so you know there are links to this post all over the internet, they don’t just come from your Mac forum.

      As far as seeing a product in a movie or TV show… That is called product placement my friend. They are not there because the director thinks they are the “coolest”. They are stratigic placement by marketers that know it will appeal to you. This is a great example of the “hipster” culture created around Macs.

    • Jimbo

      “Anyway, when I go the restaurant, I expect things to work smoothly and not having to pay anything extra for getting a real live waiter beside my table.”

      If you have a waiter then you’ve already contracted to pay extra for him, whether you need him or not. If you’re knowledgeable about food then you can save money by going to an “all you can eat” place and serve yourself. By “knowledgeable” I mean that you know the difference between beef and cabbage, and how to use a spoon. That’s the sort of expertise you need to operate Windows without getting annoyed by it. Apart from having this knowledge, you also need not to be a pretentious a*hole. Once you have achieved these qualities, you can enjoy food cheaply.

    • Bubba

      I tried to buy an iPhone last year and I guess I asked too many questions about what happens if you terminate your contract early. The guy I was talking to kept going to the back to talk to his supervisor. Finally he said, “I can’t sell you this iPhone, it would be unethical.” He said something along the lines of “we have reasonable suspicion to believe that you do not intend to keep the standard contract, and thus cannot sell you an iPhone.”

      So I went to a different store the next day and bought one, used it for a month (I was just visiting the States for a little over a month) and then returned it 29 days later.

      The last thing I said to the guy before I left the store was, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Dorky but fitting.

    • ZZZeke

      So it’s obvious that your problem is that Apple is taking away your “specialness” by making your “secret” Windows and hardware knowledge obsolete. How will you ever get a date if you can’t impress a woman by fixing her Windows machine?

      For the record, I’ve programmed in about 2 dozen different languages including everything from C to Fortran to native machine code. I built my own Windows boxes for many years. I’m currently and application/DB/network admin where I work. I was a nuclear weapons tech in the Navy.

      It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve owned a product running anything by Microsoft. We are a 100% Mac household at home. I can afford to pay a bit more for something that doesn’t “just work”, but works efficiently and without annoying me. If you can’t afford it, that’s too bad, but quit bad mouthing those who are a bit better off and a bit smarter than you are. It just makes you look as silly as you really are.

    • jcasetnl


      There is nothing special, or magical, about a PC or a Mac. That’s precisely the point. Spend some time learning your equipment and then you realize how absurd a “Genius Bar” is.

      I don’t even think I’ve commented much on Mac products. I was talking primarily about smug, small-minded Mac users and the holier-than-thou and faux-creative culture that Apple cultivates.

      If you’re really a “nucaleaur” top secret big swinging d$ck then you already know that different systems fit different needs. I won’t even digress to a tech level discussion as evidence because if you know this, it’s obvious. If you don’t, or won’t recognize this, no amount of logic beats apple kool aid.

      What is iTarded is thinking one computer is “the best”, or thinking owning a computer or smartphone is some sort of badge that indicates you’re creative, hip or independent. It means exactly the opposite: you have so little individuality you can’t feel independent unless you are part of a “club” that tells you that you are.

      ha ha and I’m typing this on a Mac by the way.

    • tim

      give up man, you wont win. theres too many of “them” nowadays.

    • thobens

      after all that crap i read here in these comments i have only one left to say: HAIL THE OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY – SHALL TUX BE YOUR ONE AND ONLY LORD, LIFETIME!

      ps: dont take it too hard, but this lecture made me laugh the whole morning. apparently now i start to find it ridiculous… no ‘fence ;)

    • scouser73

      A voice of reason at last.

    • Citizen Trudge

      If Linux only just worked. It always seems to almost work. (I run Linux on 5 boxes, all doing just what is needed. ) The rest seems to be partially broken. Lots of times it seems the only guy who knows how to fix an issue is the guy who wrote the code, so I never get certain things fixed. The package manager on the machine I am typing on is one (so no updates of the OS or updates or installs of any apps.). I was notified an update was available and this machine then wound up with a beta version of Ubuntu that doesn’t read fstab at boot, so I have to manually mount an NFS share from the command line each time I boot. If this is what you intimate by TUX having a life, I’d say he’s in hospice. At lease MS and Apple (of which I have none) work as advertised.

      It requires some expertise to install and run Linux (basic users can use apps without difficulty, if they work properly). Yet Ubuntu makes the dumbed down (and useless) Unity interface the default. Makes no sense.

    • gardoglee

      Solaris, anyone?

    • nigra truo

      So the tip I can give to you as a long time Linux user is this: Don’t use current release Ubuntu’s. Ubuntu is releases on time, that means no matter how ready it is. 5 critical bugs still open? Does not matter, it will be released on time.That creates some bad pains of stuff constantly being broken. If you use an older release, you are fine, because they had time then to fix the bad bugs, but the updater that tells you “a new release is available, update now!” will not tell you the truth, that the new Ubuntu release is actually more like a beta and full of problems, that you, once you upgraded will soon be able to experience. Your wireless does not work anymore? No more sound? Well, not really new or unusual.
      So when 16.04 came out, I used 15.10 or 15.04.
      Or, use Debian, the distro that Ubuntu is derived from. It has 3 different stage releases: unstable (test, do not use productively, it is just as it says, unstable), testing (much more stable, not still no production use recommended) and stable (very robust code, expect no problems and no mess when updating. Debian has another policy: Release on quality. They do aim for a release date, but it only gets released when no critical bugs are open anymore. That helps a lot. Compared to Debian, a brand new Ubuntu is somewhere between unstable and testing, not enough for serious production use in my opinion. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Ubuntu and what it has done for the Linux community, it has improved many usability issues, especially for less technical savy users. But if you love stuff, you criticise them and help making them better.
      And if you work with your laptop, there is no way you can afford a regression bug or failure after an upgrade and then have to wait weeks or months till it is fixed.
      So don’t judge all Linux on the faults of Ubuntu, the new releases are wrongly labeled, they should be called betas till they are 6 months old.

    • AhmNee

      Funny. A lot of us who do use Windows seem to be able to keep them running efficiently without them ‘annoying us’. Many programmers I’ve known couldn’t troubleshoot their way out of a wet paper bag. They were great at code, though.

    • Jim Danby

      Wow, I deserve to go to the Genius bar. I am a programmer AND keep my machine running without it annoying me!

    • Alex

      Well windows creators are so creative that they create new ways of breaking expectations. My new W7 laptop was able to connect to another W7 machine, but older XP could not. After many swearing I found the reason: if you enter wrong password, W7 will connect as user Guest, but XP will give undescriptive error message…

    • radish

      wow, that post proves so many points. First, you attack PC users (I can understand attacking the original poster, as he was a tad over the top, but instead you attack all PC users). Then you brag about how much better you are. All pretty typical, and you could say I’m doing the same here. So let me nip that in the bud. I’m not better than you (or I may be, but neither of us know). I don’t think all Apple users are idiots. What I do think is that fan boys are idiots (no matter what they are a fan of), and you’re a fan boy with the biggest damned Spock ears I’ve ever seen.

      “I can afford to pay a bit more for something that doesn’t “just work”, but works efficiently and without annoying me. If you can’t afford it, that’s too bad, but quit bad mouthing those who are a bit better off and a bit smarter than you are.”

      1. Who says I can’t afford a Mac. A good number of people who choose PCs over Macs (given the market shares, probably more people than own a Mac) do so despite being able to afford a Mac.

      2. You aren’t “better off” just because you have more money (that is, assuming you do, see point 1).

      3. It’s not people “who can afford it” that get bad mouthed, it’s arrogant, self righteous, better than you pricks like yourself that get bad mouthed… and for good reason.

    • ZZZeke

      Just giving back what I’m used to getting from condescending, ignorant assholes who assume that knowing something about a useless, annoying, virus ridden, toy operating system confers some kind of superiority on them.

    • cowgrrrl

      Virus ridden? Really? I have never had a virus or any form of malware. Please don’t assume that every PC has issues. The only reason that Mac machines don’t get malware is because there isn’t enough market share to make it worth while to the criminals.

      I have to say I refuse to purchase anything that has an “i” in front of its name. Not because it is not a good product, not because Micro$oft is better, not because TUX is cuter, but because I refuse to follow a trend. I am NOT a lemming.

      When it is time for me to upgrade my computer because it is no longer efficient for my needs, I take the time and look at all my options. I can afford almost any computer I want. I choose what is best for my needs. Currently it is a Windows box. I have had linux before and I have had Mac before.

      I cannot believe the pissing and moaning going on here over a brand. That is what we are talking about, nothing more. It is a brand preference. Do you have these kinds of pissing matches over mayo or mircale whip?

    • gbuell

      Refusing to buy something because of its brand name is following a trend. You don’t think Apple hating is a trend? Really?

    • Nick

      Impress a woman by fixing her Windows PC?
      OMG! This is an Apple fanboy taliking right here. After all, who likes to brag about how hype their apple products are? Who likes to go out and show off their newly bought Icraps?
      If you can program in 24 languages, were a nuclear tech, and have an apple. The only way you can impress a girl is over the internet jerking off on your retina display Iporn. What a dick!!!! programming in 24 languages. Tas loco? lolololololooooololl. Go find an Ichick you Idick

    • Guest

       Nice one dude.. Keep patting yourself on the back, how smart and cool you are you inebriate dumb shit. Who cares about your credentials.
      Guys like you deserve a Mac.

    • Felissa Mata

      Wow, can you say elitist asshat? Well I can…you elitist asshat.

      Ps…I am also a happy Apple customer, but your comment smelled like smug jerk and jackassery.

    • bbiggs

      So are you suggesting that it’s necessary for anyone who wants to buy and operate a computer, to learn how it works, how to repair and service it, and how to build one?

      That, my friend is completely ridiculous. I’m a mac user. I do know how to repair my own computer, and I do know how to build a computer. I’ve had PC’s all my life until a couple of years ago, because I was a stubborn PC user like yourself who thought Macs were just personal computers with training wheels. Then I was forced (yes, forced) to use a mac for daily use by a family member, and now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      Why should someone who wants to use a computer need a vast knowledge of how the machine works and what to do in any situation where the machine isn’t responding in the ways the user wants? That’s the idea behind mac. How about we have a computer where whatever task you want to accomplish can just be accomplished? That’s the goal. Let’s make a computer that just works.

      The plunger exists because the toilet is incapable of flushing everything. The toilet was not built well enough, so we’ve made a product to pick up the slack when the primary unit fails. The Windows machine was not built well enough, so we’ve made products like anti-virus software, useless tech support, enormous user manuals, task manager applications, etc, to pick up the slack when the Windows machine FAILS.

      Stop telling us that Macs are too expensive. We don’t wanna hear it, because we buy a computer, and that’s it. You JUST buy the computer, and it JUST works. The Windows based machine? No. Not so much. You buy the machine, and then you pay tech support every few months to scan your hard drive for spyware and make it run like it was new again. And, as a bonus, you get a really nice cheap plastic enclosure and some cheap accesories to plug into your machine should you want them.

      You can say “I don’t need tech support, I can get rid of spyware on my own.” Okay. Great. You’re one person. The average personal computer user doesn’t have a clue why their computer is slowing down, and what to do about it. If they’ve got a Mac, no big deal. And if it becomes a big deal, walk into an Apple store and real live human being will fix it for you. If you’ve got a PC, oh no! You’ve got to be on hold for a while, and then talk to someone who has learned your language solely for the purpose of this phone call, and then after realizing that they can’t assist you, paying someone to take your machine away for a few days, fix it, and then return it to you with an invoice billed to your credit card.

      It’s a good thing you didn’t waste your money on a Mac. Otherwise you’d have no money to spend on tech support! Oh wait… You wouldn’t need it…

      So other than you who apparently knows everything about computers and might as well just start your own company cause apparently you’d be better at making computers and computer software than Apple or Microsoft, Apple makes the computer…

      …for the rest of us.

      Take some time and think about how you haven’t made a difference in the world, and just use a Mac already. They’re better. Get over it. You shouldn’t speak so negatively towards them, because when you eventually make the switch, all of your friends are going to bring up moments like these and bash you perpetually for being a hypocrite.

      Maybe you won’t make the switch this year, or maybe not even for 5 years. The longer you wait, the bigger fool you will appear to be when it finally happens.

      Thanks for your time,


    • jcasetnl

      You make a very persuasive argument. Oh wait, no you don’t. Did it ever occur to you, for even a second, that maybe I own both? So all your “your friends will laugh at you!” comments look pretty iTarded now, huh?

      And unlike you, using a computer is not a fashion statement for me. I really don’t give a crap what other people think of what computer I use. You see, the “rest of us” don’t equate our sense of self worth or identity with a box full of wires and silicon. That’s called “being an individual”.

      And no, I don’t expect the average person to learn a PC on the level I do – I am simply dispelling the myth that “Macs can do more, and are therefore better”. No, they can’t. YOU can’t do more. That’s YOUR problem. Don’t confuse the two.

      And yes, a computer is an extremely sophisticated and powerful device. You should spend a significant amount of time understanding how to use it properly. Because even apple is not going to save you from walking into an identity theft trap, or posting that you are going on vacation on Facebook so that thieves know when to break into your house.

      No, the plunger exists because the toilet was used incorrectly or in a way that wasn’t intended, not because it was built poorly. Your analogy is about the dumbest ever – comparing an extremely simple, purpose built device with a multi-use, highly complex computer is asinine.

    • BigMoose

      Well said, and well reasoned sir, the only people who don’t get your reasoning are either itard’s or not actually reading what you are saying, prime example you said you own both apple and pc, yet people continue to slate you as if you are saying you r all about pc’s and hate mac’s which you haven’t said at all. Fanboi’s listen up – RTFM! for crying out loud you just make yourself’s look sooo stupid. I’m not going to add anything to the argument other than offer my support to jcasetnl who has made all detractors look like complete and utter fools.

    • pepegalego

      “Take some time and think about how you haven’t made a difference in the world, and just use a Mac already. They’re better. Get over it. You shouldn’t speak so negatively towards them, because when you eventually make the switch, all of your friends are going to bring up moments like these and bash you perpetually for being a hypocrite.”

      Does being a mac user turn you into some sort of religious buff who has seen the light? The crap Mac fanboys waffle out is just depressing.
      From reading your post; Apple tech suport is Free? Macs never have problems? don’t have viruses or spyware, and the list goes on forever. The best part is with a mac you don’t need peripherals?? Add the fact that if you don’t use a Mac you aren’t going to make a significant contribution to better the human race!!!!!
      Give me a break. A computer is just another tool like a screwdriver. each user will get the tool that is right for him/her.
      Do I want a machine that costs considerably more than another to do the same things, I’l buy a mac. Do I want to configure, upgrade add peripherals cheaply, I’ll get a PC. Do my friends have PCs, I’ll buy a PC. Do they have Macs, I’ll probably get a Mac. End of. I don’t understand why everyone seems to get religious about it.
      To use the automobile analogy, people don’t buy Audis for the specs, they get them because the are cool and expensive. They don’t buy cars, they buy Audis. The same with computers. The average user will spend as little as possible, and in that department, he will probably get a Windows7 PC.
      I know fnaboy won’t believe, but just look at the market share.
      People don’t like Apple products because of the price, the restrictions, the walled garden, and you know, the damn Apple arrogance with the smug “if you don’t like it dont buy it” phrase on their lips.
      The article above really sums it up. If you buy too many Apple products, they cut you off????? WHAT! The sheer bloody arrogance of it. “Hey dude, you are not cool enough to have our products.”

    • Banksy

      I’m sorry, but…I had to stop reading your post when I got to the part about “paying tech support to scan your comp every few months for malware and spyware etc etc…”
      Why would YOU PAY for someone to look at your computer to make sure it’s doing okay? That’s like saying “Oh I totaled my car but I need an expert opinion to make sure it really is trashed before I  get it fixed.”

      Your one quote describes your entire post pretty well. “Stop telling us that Macs are too expensive. We don’t wanna hear it…” Being on a bandwagon will do that.

      I have been using Macs since I was 2 years old, but I’m all-PC now. Oh and by the way, my Alienware M11x has better specs than any of your macs, cost about half as much, has never crashed or had a virus, can run all of my video and graphics needs and MORE, and is in general very sleek. :D Dude. Light-up keyboard. Personalized nameplate. Sleek black exterior. You can’t get much cooler than that. 

      Bashing PC users makes no sense because NEITHER MACS NOR WINDOWS COMPUTERS ARE THE BE-ALL END-ALL PERFECT MACHINE. My Windows does everything I need it to do and works whenever I need it to, for however long I need it. Grow up.

    • smileylizard

      brilliant, i can only hope you are not a fan of facebook also.

    • anon

      shut the fuck up you retarded faggot. stop spending your energy thinking about apple computers.

    • I cant give you my name

      as a former apple employee, I say the staff did an ok job on not going above the board with a hidden and often fake rule. Go to another store, they will not have the ban info be the same. IF there is a ban, then corporations would not be able to buy ipads for the staff. I am betting its based on stock and a stingy floor manager.

      That said, koolaid people are die hard. And testy. I for one can tear down both mac and PC, and have a pretty good idea tha I am damn good at both, and dont limit my hatred to machines, but people that think they are status symbols.

      Rejoice, the apple banwagon will end just like anything else. But I have a rock as a pet, and it twitters all day on myspace and facebook. Another Fad.

    • Barfholomew

      Flavor Aid
      “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    • Chad

      This is beyond hilarious. You have a tone of people trying to get a piece of Bill Gates cock and thinks their custom built crap can out perform a Mac. I have tested both ends, there are comparable HP, DELL & Sony products that rival Mac but they COST WAY MORE!!! HP Envy = to a mac book pro but it is more expensive and battery life is less. Sony face the same problem. They however offer better all in one system with touch screen and greater cpu when compared to iMac. The Mac Pro however has the ultimate tower. buy an empty1 and put your own spec inside is cheaper than buying from apple store.

      Relating to the iPad ban you have a case as apple clearly is monopolizing and some consumer laws regulate it. However, it depends on the judge and lawyers as you are reselling their products without authorization.

    • Banksy

      Just so you know…. my m11x, modded to perfection, costs less than half of any mac I’ve seen on the website…

    • Chris Manning

      And you are brainwashed by the notion that Apple users get less computer for their buck. The stupid, meaningless specs that you read on Dell’s or anyone else’s website tell such a small part of the story. OS X compared to Windows 7 uses far less of your CPU and RAM, making the need for such outrageous amounts of it much less. Apple doesn’t need to match the competitions specs as much because their software and hardware are working in unison, since Apple owns both.

      As a video editor and photographer, I love using my Mac and my iPad because I’m able to focus more on my work instead of paying attention to issues with my devices. It has made my world so much simpler, and believe me, simple is good.

    • Anonymous

      haters gonna hate.

    • Slam

      Lots of butthurt in this message…

    • Fake Al Gore

      I have never had a Genius Bar appointment start on time. I usually wait for an extra 20 to 30 minutes.

      Also, Apple’s enterprise support division is beyond horrible. When one of our Xserve servers failed to boot we were told to restore it from back from the night before. When I told the technician that I didn’t want to lose an entire day of data, he said he couldn’t help me if I wouldn’t restore.

      Contrast this to Dell who has helped me with a similar issue with a PowerEdge server. They verified that I had a backup before starting, but then they got me through the problem without having to use it. I’ve even had Dell get a Microsoft technician on the phone at no cost. It’s the little things like this that keep me going back to PC servers instead of the ridiculously over-priced and poorly support Apple ones.

    • Banksy

      The entire idea of the appointment system looks okay on paper but totally SUCKS for urgent issues. So you end up having to make an appointment a week ahead of time while you lose business hours, whereas many small, individually-owned computer stores will gladly look at and service your PC on the same day. There is NO WAY to get instant feedback on a computer issue with Apple. 

      When I walked into a store with my iPod Touch one time to ask a simple question from an employee, I was directed to one of their display computers within the store to make an appointment. That appointment not only started late, but it also took about 5 to 10 minutes TOPS. Really? an iGenius couldn’t spare FIVE MINUTES of his time a week earlier to tell me that I would need to buy a new product or go under the table and void my warranty?Flash back to Windows, and look at what the biggest complaints are about…. the instant tech support! The reason that Apple doesn’t get complaints about this is that IT IS NOT OFFERED. The reason that PC DOES get such a volume of complaints is that the job is legitimately hard to keep up with. Just imagine the number of people at any one time who have a computer issue and you will understand some of the reasons behind why tech support for PC has gone in the direction it has.

    • Brool

      At least with a “POS Windos generic box” I can open it up and replace parts as necessary. I don’t have to drag my shit to a store and hope they can fix it.

    • Kanefire

      funny, I’m waiting on hold (13 mins now) for someone to even pick up at my local store…

    • Jiub

      Your logic is way off. Piss poor support, horrible attitude and hipster behavior? How do you figure? The OP knew there was an iPad limit yet thought he could pull one over by placing orders for others using a different account. ANY company has the right to refuse service, especially when it’s warranted. If you can’t stay within the lines, then maybe you shouldn’t color.

    • Nate

      Yes, how dare that scoundrel give Apple so much money! They were right to ban him from giving them more money, the nerve!

    • sufferingwaffle

      Perhaps that since only a certain number can be made and sent to each location didjya ever think that maybe, just maybe he was taking the opportunity away from others? Most people that I know or have heard about that bought 2 simply bought 2 different sizes, decided on the size they’d keep and either returned it right away or sold it to someone that couldn’t get one that was in line.

    • Logic Error

      If he is selling (without profiting) them to others who cant purchase them for themselves how is that a valid argument?

    • Bernard

      Because he’s buying them and shipping them away from the territory to which they were shipped. Apple, I am sure, has allocated a certain number to each store, in anticipation of affording everyone within a certain radius at least the opportunity to purchase a highly coveted product. By buying them and shipping them elsewhere (and mind you, who knows what his “unexpected costs” were) he’s stealing the opportunity to purchase the item locally for somebody. So if you don’t mind fucking over your neighbors to help out, oh, your internet “friends”, then sure, it’s a valid argument. Idiot.

    • Logic Error

      Well i’m not sure that purchasing something locally and then selling it somewhere else is stealing, but I am sure that allowing people, who are willing to pay more for a product than the local customers, the opportunity to buy that product is fair. I think that system even has a name…

    • Logic Error

      It should also be understood that by placing a quota on the number that can be purchased by an individual you are motivating people who don’t want them to go buy them and sell them to those who want more than 2. So the assumption that hes screwing his neighbors is wrong, its the quota that is supposed to help his neighbors that is screwing his neighbors.

    • jcasetnl

      Exactly – the only people who truly profit from the quota are people who don’t give a crap about owning the product but merely buy it to flip it to someone else.

    • Russell

      sufferingwaffle wrote “Perhaps that since only a certain number can be made and sent to each location didjya ever think that maybe, just maybe he was taking the opportunity away from others?”

      So. Steve did the same thing when he flew to Tennessee to get his liver transplant. He took the opportunity away from someone.

    • AceTaikula

      Why the scarcity in the first place? Apple either has chronic supplier problems or it sets up a phony scarcity so the long lines and customer hoop-jumping will generate publicity.

      Or both.

      The journalists play this as a positive for Apple–‘Look at all the demand!’–but it’s a problem of supply. And that is Apple’s problem. If you’ve been in business as long as Apple has and you’ve got 12 people wanting to buy your product and you can only provide 2 items for those 12 people, you’re no genius.

    • Banksy

      Please remind me of any instance in which Microsoft has had to impose LIFETIME BANS on new up-and-coming  products. The logic is the same. Yes, Mac makes its own hardware AND software, but production is just part of the game. Having a lifetime limit is freaking stupid.

    • Super Ninja

      Completely agree. Apple sets some rules on things, you try dodge the rules, and they catch you… What do you expect? A pat on the back and a pony? Serves you right as far as I’m concerned.

      If you don’t like the 2 iPads per person rule, buy some other tablet instead. I’m sure Microsoft would love to sell you one!

    • Fake Al Gore

      Microsoft does not currently offer a tablet PC. There are several tablet PCs available that run Microsoft Windows, but none of them are Microsoft-branded.

      HP is about to release a very sleek-looking tablet PC that should provide some competition to the iPad. Marvell is about to start selling their $99 Moby tablet PC with a similar feature set to the WiFi-only iPads.

    • Banksy

      It’s not about whether or not he colored outside the lines, it’s about the fact that  the arrangement of said lines is completely STUPID. 2 iPad lifetime limit? Seriously? Who the fuck does Apple think it is?

    • Protocol Snow

      Just so people are aware… I’m trying to get these flagged comments to show up but Disqus is acting up. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

    • Haik

      I like the products but i hate the people that work there, its like cmon now your making money either way, what do you want us to do. the funny is that their soo fucken rude at the store i have had alot of problems with apple employes you have those cool ones that dont care and you have the assholes that act like they know something and are doing a good job and when you get to the bottom the situation they dont let you say your part if you do you are causing a scene and distraction and you have to leave the store ~!@!@!

    • Halfsjj

      I would have popped them upside the head with it and said show me in writing what the rules are. That is a bunch of BS and just pisses me off reading it.

    • sportmac

      applefags? wow, your’s is a dizzying intellect. really, such wit! downright snappy! don’t forget that one, it’s a keeper. you can use it for years, it will always be fresh! well done, well done indeed.

  • 0_o

    Good on Apple! You charged a little for you “gas and time.” Gee, i suppose that would constitute mark-up now wouldn't it? Is Apple supposed to just take your word that you are charging a decent price? Give me a break. I hope your local store has flagged you as a reseller. Making it harder on regular customers to buy products at the normal price is quite the accomplishment to be proud of. Sure you may have been ignorant about the policy, but did you inquire about it after the first two iPads you bought? So you got caught: just deal with it. Don't come on and post some whining entry about how you've been wronged. Someone call the wahhhmbulance!

    • Protocol Snow

      I don't think that I was wronged. Just sharing a story that I thought was funny and ironic, but sometimes I forget this is the Internet and it's serious time.

    • o_0

      damn straight!

    • akmad

      you said it straight up there products ar called ipad, iphone ipod for a reason because even though you pay the money for it they dontbelong to you. they can be turned off at the whimf of steves will. In my opinion, apple is good at market and number manipulation. I myself would never buy an apple product because i feel they just make people stupider and stupider adn its their way of contorlling the market but now their game plan is in motion. we will see. does suck though if they use these one sentence repsonses to avoid confrontation than it wouldnt work reall well in real life. because for guys like me i need further explanation and i would get it from them because thats an A**H**e remark i appreciate it if you tell me straight up but when you jerk around like this just makes me more pissed and makes me wanna cause further escalation because thats discriminatory.

    • Nik


      Seriously, people need to grow up though, the writer was simply telling a story and people blew the whole thing out of proportion. Thank you for your story, I found it interesting because I would have never thought of a lifetime ban existing, regardless, this further justifies my dislike of apple, and their dictatorial over priced ways

    • Thomas Beam

      I noticed you never used the terms “lifetime ban” anywhere in your article, have you went to other stores…have you talked to the manager or anyone else up the line?

      You in all possibilities could be allowed to buy more, but have to talk to the right people in that store, or goto another one with different people in it.

      Hope things work out

    • moebius8

      i would just get a prepaid debit card and purchase them at a different apple store. personally i dont get the hype over a big fancy ipod touch but if you want it you should be able to purchase as many as you like.

    • oomu

      of course the story is funny and ironic but there are a serious thing behind it.

      and yeah, internet.. totally chaotic and loving that :)

    • GySgt213

      Thanks for the story. I get that you are just passing on your experience. I agree that its good that Apple has a system in place. They knew there was going to be a big demand for this product and they could only produce so much at launch. Selling out of stock was not out of the relm of possibility.

      If Apple didn’t have some limit and the only way an Apple customer could get one was to buy it on E-bay at a heavy mark up like it or not, fair or not that would reflect poorly on Apple. Some people would blame them for not having a system like this in place.

      However, I cannot wrap my head around the life time ban. At some point short supply is not going to be a real issue. Does the life time ban mean you will never be able to buy another one? A smarter approach in my opinion would be a limit or 2 every 30, 60 or 90 days. And why are the Apple employees not given a simple explanation to provide to customers? Some thing like “Apple wants everyone to have the opportunity to purchase the IPad during this period of limited supply and that is the reason for purchase limit restrictions in place at this time.”

    • Goldfrapp

      Only a proper dick uses the wahhhmbulance phrase

    • fanboy

      “Good on Apple! You charged a little for you “gas and time.” Gee, i suppose that would constitute mark-up now wouldn’t it?”

      What’s wrong about it? Don’t buy from him, Apple will produce more!

  • rory

    apple fanboys are riduculuous they will defend every stupid decision steve jobs makes, and i still cant believe people are buying this oversized ipod touch, people will buy anything with an apple logo

  • Tim

    Wow, are all of you people smoking crack? How can you possibly be defending Apple?

  • Rage Thread

    Cool story bro!
    Now go home and cry.

  • Garry Whitta

    straight japanofag, get bent fag.

  • Amirox

    The heck, I´d have punched the guy in the face when he was repeating his silly line of “All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit”. What does that even mean? One human being is only allowed to buy 2 iPads in his entire liftime? LOL
    Stay classy, Apple, making your products into some kind of more important thing than it is: A bigger iPhone.

    Dear god, I´ve never been an Apple-fan, but with each day passing, Apple becomes more what MS was always accused of in the past: An “evil” company.

    • Orangeade

      I agree, dimwitted and uncertain staff digging up one-liners from the corporate employee handbook would have been very prone to forcing me to bring about physical violence.

      Worse is how they won't explain any of it. They don't know anything about the limit, apparently, and what they do know they can't tell you. Really now? Well fuck them all. “You're banned, but we aren't allowed to tell you the reason for your ban which was apparently not explicit.” is the most disgusting thing to be told to you by the employee tbh.

      “Apple becomes more what MS was always accused of in the past: An “evil” company.”
      No, not really. Apple has already “become” an evil company.
      Apple overhypes its products, charges obscene prices for pieces of crap, and has shit awful customer/tech support. (Not to mention engages in business practises that are very distasteful.)
      Microsoft? Sure they have bad support often times, sure they make their mistakes, but generally their business practise (in the way of artificial hype, pricing etc, because they know people will buy their product and just really don't care) isn't terrible. Not to mention the fact that their consumerbase and company worth is vastly larger than Apple's, so MS is much less “evil” per capita of consumerbase.

    • Terminalman

      That’s ridiculous – Apple is “more evil” than Microsoft? Yea, right. Apple is clearly more innovative, more focused on the consumer experience and has far better customer service. Microsoft? Oh, gag me.

      This guy is reselling iPads, and that’s not something Apple wants at a point in time where there’s a product shortage. This is just stupid, complaining about something so obviously bogus. Get over yourself dude…

    • RoX

      Apple made the shortage you fool. It’s fake demand. Check the numbers, they haven’t sold many at all.

    • fanboy

      bogus – Counterfeit or fake; not genuine

      “This guy is reselling iPads, and that’s not something Apple wants”.

      1. How did the Apple store dudes know he was reselling them?
      2. What’s wrong about selling things I own?

    • AhmNee

      Also, what are the terms of the “limit”? If I buy 2 iPads and a friend wants 2 but doesn’t have a credit card and I go buy them for him. Does that get me banned?

      If I have multiple credit cards and purchase 2 a day on different cards, does that mean I’m following the rules?

      It’s just such an asinine piece of arbitrary crap. But, that’s not anything new for Apple.

    • Apple is getting worse

      Due to recent events, many in the tech community have justifiably argued that had Apple reached Microsoft’s success first, they would be much much worse. The level of control the institute is unreal.

    • scrapper

      You might call it a bigger iPod touch, but as it doesn't have any phone function, calling it a bigger iPhone is silly.

    • Vilho

      Well isn’t that then even worse? If it would have a phone at least then it would serve some purpose but now it’s just a bloated MP3 player, considering that it has no multitasking so you can’t do much more when listening to music.

      I think Apple is just a rotten company that really has managed to play a brilliant game of making people believe that paying s*it loads of money for their products, that really aren’t that innovative, is actually good for them and that they should be very happy.

      I once bough an apple product (WiFi access point) and the darn thing broke as soon as the warranty was over (I’m talking about a few weeks, not several months) and of course Apple refused to replace it even though pretty much any other company would’ve replaced it as it clearly was a manufacturing fault.
      Now I then try to do my best to keep others away from their products as well but unfortunately there are way too many idiots in the world who will still buy their crap.

      And to just mention quickly about support. Dell gives a NBD support with just a bit of extra money and they will come to your home, no need to walk to any Apple dungeon.

    • Rolling Eyes

      “I once bough an apple product (WiFi access point) and the darn thing broke as soon as the warranty was over (I’m talking about a few weeks, not several months) and of course Apple refused to replace it even though pretty much any other company would’ve replaced it as it clearly was a manufacturing fault.”


    • DarkChaplain

      Geez… you remind me of the stupid kids who smoke weed on streetcorners late at night and laugh at homeless people =_=
      get a grip and do something more productive….

    • Joe

      “The heck, I´d have punched the guy in the face when he was repeating his silly line of “All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit”. ”

      Funny how the Apple haters are incapable of anything more rational than punching someone in the face.

      What is up with you people? Apple is trying to make the iPad available to as many people as possible so they have a limit until production catches up with demand. They also have limits on where they can sell them – due to regulatory requirements in some cases. This guy thinks he’s more important than any other iPad customer and thinks he’s above all the rules. When Apple catches him and puts a stop to it, you want to punch him in the face.

      Is there anyone over the age of 8 on this site?

    • Anaphyis

      Yes, anyone feeling pissed because condescending shop clerks are channeling the Man in Black after you have left several k$ there is obviously a childish Apple hater and should be arrested immediately for breaking arbitrary rules Apple made up to evoke the illusion of scarcity.

      “You sir have bought too many products from us and thus have broken a rule we never mentioned and cannot be bothered to specify because the correct number of purchases is on a need to know basis, and you don’t need to know, dickhead. Thank you for your purchase, you are banned for life!”

      This is reasonable to you? Maybe you shouldn’t judge the maturity of others here, son.

    • sumdumguy

      “Apple is trying to make the iPad available to as many people as possible”
      And you honestly think a single person will ever own more than 1 iPad? (Note that I said person, not household.)

  • Jowy Hurtado

    That's the most retarded statement ever. It's a goddamn Ipad. Not a fucking platinum and diamond encased dildo, which you obviously own several. Apple is dumb. They place too much importance on a piece of hardware and those that back the company are dumb enough to buy into it.

  • Ackondro

    This sounds like some kind of ordering system “secret” optimization procedure. Since you were caught when you had to reserve an iPad, I would guess that the reservation generated a check of your account. Since you had bought more than 2 or 3, you were flagged and staff were told to refuse purchase. Seems fair to me. Interesting though, The sales people probably hadn't seen it before, which is why they were confused.
    Thanks for this interesting tidbit.
    Also if a principal was buying large amounts of iPads for a school, he/she would negotiate with Apple, they don't come into the Apple Store and say “I would like 3000 iPads.” My uni contracts with Dell, so when we order PC's we go to a specific division of Dell called Dell Premiere to order. I imagine Apple has an analogue.

    • Protocol Snow

      That makes sense. The only thing I did differently this time was that this iPad had to be reserved so they could have ran an account check.

      Or maybe because my Apple store had plenty of stock last week, they didn't care that I was buying multiple iPads. But when they went completely out of stock, they decided to crack down on the limits. Both theories make sense to me.

  • DaAliG

    Call them back and tell them I said you could have my two.

  • Yoshi

    I don't understand how you know he owns several dildos, nor why it would matter.

  • bob

    You guys having a go at protocolsnow for his story. That's freaking laughable. Any consumer should be allowed to buy as many ipads as they want. They limit your purchases over time? That's so pathetic. Say I'm a parent with 6 kids. They all want ipads. So their policy prevents me from buying more than 2? And then, following that a lifetime ban? Apple is pathetic. Anyone saying anything else, well that's a bloody joke. Brainwashed apple cronies

    • fanboy

      Plus, they treated him in pathetic way – saying he got ban and do not say why – “you exceeded some number you are not supposed to know”.

  • dodgio

    I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record!

  • Pragmatism is defeatism

    What a bunch of suck ups.

    He has money! Sell him stuff! This is an arbitrary rule imposed upon him.

    • ted

      If apple didn't have this rule, you'd all be paying much more for your iPads because someone bigger and faster than this d-bag would have bought the entire stock. Duh. Such rules protect you from a little thing called profiteering.

    • fanboy

      Let the bigger buy all and wait till Apple produces more. Unless you are so desperate fanboy you need the iPad NOW, THIS MINUTE.

      If you won’t buy from resellers, they will lose money and will be stuck with 1000 iPads, while you buy one that has just arrived to the store. WAKE UP, IT’S ECONOMY 101!

      “Such rules” – what rules? Tell me exactly what the rules are.

  • Lee Vardo

    You're a fucking idiot. If they have a “lifetime” limit they should be up front with this info. Is there a shortage of the fucking yuppie pieces of shit anyways?

  • Drew Alden

    If all you dumbasses will stop your rambling and think for a second, there's a reason Apple does this, and the 2 per person limit is GENEROUS. I hate Apple as much as the next guy, but when releasing a new VERY limited supply product, do you really want someone – whether you're on a forum or eBay – buying up all of it and shipping it overseas.. or wherever? Once it's in your hands it's out of their hands.

    The iPad is not going to succeed solely on hype. Apple wants to make sure they're distributed country-wide, to as many individuals as possible. Those individuals are going to talk about it, show it off to all their friends, and suddenly Apple has a huge and long-lasting demand on its' hands. If there were no purchasing rules, resellers would go straight to a store, a distribution warehouse, wherever.. and buy them all up so nobody could get them.

    These rules are doing 2 things – protecting YOUR ability to get an iPad, and ensuring Apple has constant demand. Not rocket science. Do you really think you would have been able to get one, or FOUR, had these rules not been in place?

    • Orangeade

      >> GENEROUS
      >> VERY limited product
      That's apple's fucking fault for bad logistics and planning, coupled with a thinly disguised attempt to generate “buzz” and “want” for their product. (And no, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive you inane dipshits.)
      >> Apple is not going to succeed solely on hype.
      Wrong again. Apple is currently succeeding only on hype. Their hardware is laughable, compatibility is worse. The xcode toolchain is a clusterfuck, and the iPad is a terrible platform to develop on. (aka why apps suck.)
      They phase out old models yearly and throw up new ones with minimally incremental feature bonuses in order to get people to upgrade. Their support policy is terrible, also forcing you to “upgrade”. And limiting their supply will generate enough hype among the haves that the havenots will be even more insane with craving than they are now. That is, INITITAL DISTRIBUTION DOES NOT NEED TO BE HIGH; LOW INITIAL DISTRIBUTION IS A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS STRATEGY. (Where legitimate = legal, not = “good”.) Apple is succeeding because hype allows them to sell every 1$ of product for 2-3x industry standard. Get it through your skull.
      >These rules are … etc etc
      This doesn't make sense. The rules neither protect your ability to get an iPad (see previous “what if I have 6 kids” argument) nor does it ensure Apple has “constant demand” (making it available to different people does not affect overall demand unless they were taken completely out of circulation.)

    • cyberxion

      Look, I know that your reasoning probably seemed solid when you gave it the two seconds of consideration that you did before feverishly typing it out and hitting the post button, but were you actually as intelligent as you appear to believe that you are, then you would have abandoned that vacuous drivel instead of irrevocably committing it to the internet, thus giving every reader of this blog incontrovertible proof that you're a blithering idiot.

      The fact is that Apple couldn't actually give even a half a squirt of piss about who buys these things, and wouldn't care about the resale market at all if it had already launched in every market worldwide. They fact is that it hasn't yet, and so Apple's concern is that resellers are going to sell the product into markets it hasn't yet been released in, thus undermining their ability to control the distribution of their products, as well as do damage to their earnings potential in those regions.

      It's the same concern that drove sony to go after online retailers for selling PSPs to folks in regions where they didn't yet sell the handheld, and it's the only reason why Apple gives a shit. I'm sure this “ban”, will be lifted whenever Apple has launched into all the markets that it intends to.

      Now, understanding why Apple has them do it doesn't make how these clueless corporate cock-suckers handled the situation any easier to swallow. If I were in his shoes, I think it would have gone over better had they just told me that corporate had rejected my purchase and wouldn't tell them why. Honesty is a far more effective tool than bullshit any day.

  • wastedmytimehere

    no one cares. Of all the innumerable reason to ban Apple this has to be the lamest one! What a boring story/life.

  • Drew Alden

    Oh and before you all go “but he IS distributing them country-wide! His friends' stores are out!”.. that's all hearsay. If I wanted an iPad, I could have preordered and had one shipped directly to my house. The store being in-stock is not an issue. He's a reseller.

    • Loxmyf

      It's an artificial shortage anyway. They could have started making them a week earlier, or for a month longer before release, or in more than (x) factories, or put a higher price on them initially to limit demand, or any number of other things I don't know about.

      Capitalist country with socialist whingers makes for internet humour.

    • Drew Alden

      This comment shows how much you've followed the iPad – not at all. If you pay attention to the Apple scene, Apple wasn't even acknowledging this as a market they were going after until about a year ago. They designed a brand new device, modified their software for it, wrote new software for it, and modified their software TO write for it all in (probably) a little over a year.. WHILE doing the same with iPhone 4G. Apple obviously pushed this out the door as fast as they possibly could – possibly too fast, hence the lack of camera – so I don't doubt any real shortage in supplies. As you mentioned, the price is half of what most were expecting and they were boasting how many iPads were already preordered at the iPhoneOS 4 unveiling, so it's more than obvious they're cranking them out as fast as possible. Apple is not Nintendo. Do a little research before you assume.

    • Orangeade

      >> Did not acknowledge the market
      >> Designed, modified, etc in little over a year
      >> iPhone 4G

      You believe what Apple tells you, and yet haven't even thought about how the most overhyped, greedy, and tight-lipped electronics corporation in the US would be lying to you to generate hype.

      Great job thinking for yourself sheeple, “I hate Apple as much as the next guy” my ass.

      First of all, the software is easy. HUNDRES OF iPAD APPS IN THE APPSTORE? Great upscaled shittiness, no thanks. Also, iPad software is ridiculously easy to design when they have well over a million iPhone apps as template. There's really nothing to modify other than to change graphics resolution, tweak the skins and whatnot, etc.
      iPhone 4G? Well of-fucking-course. There aren't any new features on the iPad. Everything is already in Firmware3.1 or was coming in iPhone4.x. There was no EXTRA development involved, just the upscaling to the iPad from whatever the iPhone4G team had done.
      Lack of a camera? No, that's hype. Did you see the hardware inside an iPad? It's not like they couldn't fucking fit it in there. I'm sure they could have easily sourced the same fucking camera as the iPod Touch, and just shoved it any odd place. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF SUPPLIES unless it's a logistical fault (unlikely) or it's artificial (likely), or both (most likely.)
      Price is half of most were expecting: Most people expected high because Apple is known to charge more $ for less quality and quantity of hardware.

  • Michael

    Same thing happened to me! Its BS!

    I want to email apple and complain! Show me the damn policy in writing!

  • Bin Laden

    This is because apple is a shit and everyone who likes it is a dumbass.
    Fucking posers i hope you all die!

  • Loxmyf

    Apple is receiving exactly the same amount no matter who purchases the iPad from the store with stock. The OP lives in a capitalist country but he's being treated like he lives in a socialist country. Sounds like the reds are back in town guys. Is that what you really want?

  • EatTravelEat

    What an interesting sales experience! I thought 2 per customer was also per visit as well, but speak is weird. It was a bit mean for guy #1 to say that so blandly to you in any case though :(. He could have at least been more sympathetic even if you passed their “limit”. I find it funny how guy #1 doesn't really act friendly to guy #2.

    Best Buy has them available too, you know, but after this I don't think you want to buy an iPad anymore!

    You must be getting a lot of visitors on this blog post :). So many comments!

    • Protocol Snow

      I believe Best Buy is the only other retail store that is authorized to sell iPads. So yeah, they DO sell iPads, but their supply is significantly lower than the Apple stores. Pretty much your own hope of buying one at Best Buy is to wait for them to open on Sunday.

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  • Flinthart

    Wouldn't worry about it. Who really wants an iPad anyway? There's plenty of other tablets out there.

  • David

    Isnt it up to him what he does with his iPads? Who cares if hes a reseller?

    • Dave Haynie

      Yeah. And you’re paying full retail. That doesn’t make you a terribly effective unauthorized reseller.

  • Tom

    I don't think the point is the restriction of iPads to others. It's that fact the staff were so unhelpful, condescending and just rude!

    If i was managing a store for any company and a staff member treated a customer like that, they would be out on their arse.

  • 3goldens

    your an idiot of trying to use a credit card. Have you ever heard of something called computers and records. Next time smarty pants pay for it in cash and go to differant stores, and most of all don't use your real name, that's a real give away/

    A moronic story is a dime a dozen in the big apple.

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  • epxres

    clusterf#@K lol that's hilarious, My sympathies to Those poor sods who have to defend it for a living.
    As far as the story is concerned I am about to barf, I can just imagine a bunch of half-brained fanboi's going on and on about how right Apple is.
    The kicker is they usually keep going on years after the gear is laughably obsolete.(iphone fanbois =case in point). I suppose they need to stay supportive of the brand that gives them (false) assurance of their professional standing or their world might fall apart (seeing as genuine talent and hard work are out of reach). Sorry, I don't mean to force a reality check; you can keep clutching to your vain insecure illusions fanbois.
    As for legit/acceptable marketing practice goes it does not take a genius to figure out the difference between clever and sneaky. Think Gandalf and Golum. Let me give you a hint, one of them is a pretender.
    If this is getting too one sided, here is a bit of apple speak
    All this is bull, they are not trying to create and artificial demand you are being too hard on apple, actually what happened was they did not have the brains. uhh time to correctly anticipate the number of sales within an error margin of a few thousand, the world as it is, is already running out of microprocessors and math is hard even with an ipathetic.
    Sorry, I know that's not quite apple speak, I guess it's beyond me. Truth be told this kind of sales tactics makes me even less inclined to buy apple for the few innovations/user interface & what nots that it does have.
    I am sick of apple fanbois and can’t be bothered talking sense to them.
    I guess I have and always will be voting with my feet.

    fanboi does i-writing make it a more interesting i-read?. . . take a hint There is no substitute for excellence

  • epxres

    wherever.. and buy them all up so nobody could get them.

    These rules are doing 2 things – protecting YOUR ability to get an iPad, and ensuring Apple has constant demand. Not rocket science. Do you really think you would have been able to get one, or FOUR, had these rules not been in place?”

    Ahhahahhaha hahha hah ah ah ha ha h Rofl mao.. serioulsy dude, sh#@ I've got tears in my eyes from laughing.
    that would be terrible please it's not for our sakes what would all the children use, think of the children please


  • epxres

    “This comment shows how much you've followed the iPad – not at all. If you pay attention to the Apple scene”
    WTF what the f is the apple scene. Comedy Gold. 5 stars

  • random

    Shut the fuck up, you douchebag.

  • N James

    The Apple salesperson may not have handled the process in the best possible way, but the reason for the policy is that Apple wants to ensure that the iPad is available to as much of the market as possible – what they also don't want is people “scalping” the market, i.e. these scalpers taking advantage of market shortages and profiteering out of it (causing other genuine buyers to pay more).

    You guys talking about “evil” this and evil that… you guys think too much. Go out and get a life.

    • Jysander

      Ah, yes. But did Apple actually do anything to prove that's what he was doing? Nope. They just went all out and banned him. How sad for Apple. I just canceled my reservation for an iPad after reading this; several other friends are cancelling their plans to buy apple products, and my next mp3 player will not be an iPod. Way to go, Apple. Way to go.

    • Adam Halliwell

      It's his fault they're in demand? Get a life, whilst posting on a website? Heh, sure.

  • Eric Oak

    The fact that there are ipads sitting in the back of the store means that there are enough ipads for everyone, and apple just has no idea how to run a product distribution. Or they are trying to manipulate markets to effect demand in other countries, while reneging on promises made to consumers.

  • crichton007

    This sounds a lot like Comcast and the limits they place on their “unlimited” broadband. If there is a limit they'll upset far fewer people by being upfront about it.

  • ows

    Two words: Best. Buy.

  • Ed

    Wow. That was super eloquent and informative. No wonder you Mac fanboys like to think of yourselves as elite intellectuals. Keep on 'thinking different', dude.

  • Yacko

    The slow thinker known as epxres wrote “I can just imagine a bunch of half-brained fanboi's going on and on about how right Apple is.”

    Ah, how easy it is to pull a slogan out of one's id. There is another factor here, he is a gray market reseller that Apple does not want. Since these are US iPads going who knows where in the world, Apple will probably not honor the warranty in whatever country the pad ends up. It's the same way with Canon and Nikon. He is also an unauthorized reseller competing with legitimate sales agents, Apple stores or otherwise, who currently don't have the product wherever these locations are, but will some future date.

    I wonder how many pads he moved. He's lucky Apple doesn't start a fraud investigation. The FTC may have penalties for this form of activity.

    • cyberxion

      Um…no, they really don't. The FTC doesn't give a rat's ass about this.

      Listen dude, once you buy a product, it's yours. You can resell it at your leisure, and aint nobody can stop you doing it, not Apple, and not the FTC. Of course Apple can keep you from buying another iPad in the first place, but beyond that, there's nothing they can do about the resale market. Nothing. Well, maybe besides refusing to cover any units registered within countries the unit has yet to be sold in, but that's just about it.

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  • slashor

    I'm not so concerned about shipping and handling charges in of themselves, because with the seller going out of his or her way to obtain something some compensation for time and fuel/transport is fair… It's just a matter of how much they're charging above cost and shipping and related transport. If you're going to charge for gas, the odds are you're not going to use the full tank. Likewise, professional couriers don't get the same pay as lawyers. Premium charges should reflect this. I used to ship anime tapes at-cost and didn't charge for handling because I got my own copy at the same time and my local post office was a block away from my house.

    • Protocol Snow

      I see what you're saying, but when I said “gas and my time”, I didn't mean that literally. I just meant a little extra to cover all sorts of unexpected costs that come up. For example, I actually lost a substantial amount of money on someone who wanted me to ship UPS instead of USPS express mail (which I'm more familiar with). I gave him a shipping price quote that was grossly underestimated, but I ate the cost since he already paid the price I quoted.

      For what it's worth, the “profit” I made from buying iPads for friends was chump change. I didn't do this to make money.

    • slashor

      I don't see anything wrong selling at cost, including a reasonable shipping/handling/contingency add-on… but I would say there's a difference between picking up iPads for a couple close friends, even from a message board, versus offering it to all(?) international posters when the board has over 1,000 registered members. I think it's extremely nice to do something like that but it really does suck when you can barely get one yourself because someone's scalping it or hooking his buddies up. But then again, I don't know how many you bought.

    • Protocol Snow

      Again, I agree with your point. But to clarify, all but 1 of the iPads was purchased by walking into the store at a random time of day and buying without reservation. Anybody in my area who wanted a non-16 GB model could have walked in and bought one. This was a week and a half after the iPad launch. My store had plenty of stock, which is the only reason I even offered to do pick-ups.

      The only iPad I had to reserve was this last one I blogged about because at that point they had run completely out of stock.

      As this story starts to spread, I will undoubtedly be asked how many total iPads I bought and how much money I made from this “scheme”. I will not give explicit numbers other than the following info:
      Total iPads: < 6
      Total profit: miniscule

    • slashor

      You were reimbursed in the “at-cost” range, so it's clearly not a profit-driven, scalping venture. And I think it's cool hooking up your friends.

      Apple does seem to aim for the maximum in customer satisfaction in their pursuit of profit. That's what the limits are for, although the iPad lifetime limit is a silly notion (I am so asking what the number is when I go into the Apple Store today). I've got to respect that Apple doesn't go for the quick and easy buck like does.

    • laughable

      Don't forget customs declarations and proper taxes for shipping the iPads overseas …. or was that all forgotten about? So not only an unauthorized reseller … an unauthorized black market reseller. Good thing Apple stopped what was going on.

    • Protocol Snow

      All customs were properly declared =)

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  • rafe

    Can you please drop me a line?
    -Rafe Needleman from CNET,

  • Eugene Huo

    Try emailing Steve. I hear he does customer service now. :)

    Glad to see you're taking it all in stride.

    • cyberxion

      It's easy. Stop buying iPads.

      Steve Jobs

      Sent from my iPad