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A Bathing Ape shark clan

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I’ve been in love with the A Bathing Ape label ever since my first trip to Japan. Their shark hoodies are my favorite and among Bape’s most desired products. Most were created in very limited quantities, adding to their mystique. Due to their rarity, I’ve been patiently hunting for my favorite sharks over the past few years. I finally tracked down the green Shibuya city camo shark for a reasonable price and have completed my collection!

A Bathing Ape shark hoody collection Japan streetwear Tokyo Harajuku Shibuya Aoyama Taipei knit salmon ponr
Top row starting from left: Aoyama; Shibuya; Harajuku; Taipei (all city camo series)

Bottom row starting from left: Black/red exclusive to Bape club members; Salmon PONR shark; Navy blue knit wool shark; standard Bape crewneck

Of course, there’s a few dozen other sharks that have been made, but unless I can get any of them super cheap (not going to happen), my shark collection is essentially complete. Unlike some Bape diehards, who seem to be solely collectors and keep all their goods tucked away in the original plastic bags, I actually like to wear my hoodies out and about. I’m still waiting for the first day when I bump into another shark-wearing fan. Probably won’t happen unless I’m in Tokyo.

A Bathing Ape shark hoody collection Japan streetwear Tokyo Harajuku Harvard medical school

In case you were wondering what the shark hoody looks like when worn, here’s a photo from last summer when I visited my brother at Harvard. Putting the Harajuku white camo to good use and blending into the marble! It’s impossible to see through the shark face, so zipping the hoody up all the way is purely just for effect. Couple more photos of the Taipei shark hoody.

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February 26th, 2010 at 4:12 pm

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Julian Serrano – Las Vegas, NV

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Julian Serrano Spanish tapas restaurant Aria Citycenter Las Vegas

Ever since Las Vegas firmly established itself as a powerhouse city in the restaurant world, every new casino opening has proudly boasted a line-up of marquee chefs. Julian Serrano is the eponymous tapas restaurant by the chef who created Bellagio’s Picasso, one of the groundbreaking restaurants in Vegas dining. Although I do not have much experience with Spanish food, I was eager to visit Serrano, hyped by accounts that this was the highlight of the whole Aria casino. I found the food adequate but not especially impressive. Unfortunately, the experience was marred by new restaurant opening woes that left us displeased.

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February 6th, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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