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Apologies for a prolonged absence, but I’m in the middle of some crazy rotations in med school. Free time is a rare luxury now for sure. It might be a few more weeks until my next post, so this is a quick update to let people know where I’m at. Plus I’ll share this neat book I just picked up.

Otacool is a DannyChoo production featuring otaku rooms from all around the world. The vast majority of the rooms are anime and figurine focused. I’m only superficially into anime and don’t like figures at all, but I always find it fascinating to see how passion in hobbies can transform our living spaces. The ultimate example of this, of course, is on the grandest scale — Akihabara in Tokyo, an entire district taken over by otaku culture. I’ve been to Akiba several times and am endlessly enchanted by that destination.

Otacool DannyChoo Danny Choo otaku rooms book japanese

I dream of designing a gaming room when I move into my own house at some point and have been slowly collecting source material for inspiration. Although the rooms in this book are mostly opportunities to show off vast collections of manga volumes or figures rather than any serious attempt at design, they’re still neat to see. I tried taking photos of pages from the book, but it was difficult to lay the book flat for clean photos without destroying the spine. Here’s a few page examples directly from DannyChoo below.

(on a related note, this Korean Star Wars fan has done a great job of integrating his hobby into his house. Of course there are the requisite masses of merchandise scattered everywhere, but he has a couple clean, classy and stylish rooms)

Otacool DannyChoo Danny Choo otaku rooms book japanese

Filipino celebrity cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao

Otacool DannyChoo Danny Choo otaku rooms book japanese

Aliens diehard fan

Otacool DannyChoo Danny Choo otaku rooms book japanese

Good representative of the typical anime/manga/figures fan

Otacool DannyChoo Danny Choo otaku rooms book japanese

Danny Choo himself

Do you keep your hobbies close to the heart and let them influence your room(s)? Or do you think themed rooms are embarrassing? The key to success (and tolerance by other people) is to keep it classy.

UPDATE: More photos of book pages (way at the bottom, after lots of photos about promoting the book)

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November 21st, 2009 at 6:57 pm

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  • kevcozha

    I wouldn’t say “embarrassed” but I have always felt the most comfortable with a simple lay out. Maybe in the future when I have a steady flow of income I’ll design my own room. But even then I won’t have posters up on my wall of SNSD, Cold Play, etc. It just looks a bit too messy for my taste.

  • Eat. Travel. Eat!

    Ooh, I remember reading about this on Danny Choo’s website. Very cool cover :). I personally do not influence my room with hobbies but just keep it simple.