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Taiwanese girl’s project: “Kiss 100 men in Paris”

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This news story has been racing around the Taiwanese blogosphere so I wanted to share with a different audience. Yang Ya-ching (楊雅晴) is a 27 year old music student studying abroad in Paris. She is apparently done with her degree and wanted a memorable parting gift, so she launched a project to kiss 100 strangers in Paris. At the end of all this, she’s planning on writing a book about her experience so she has a photographer tag along to capture the kisses. This is her photo album so far, she’s up to 54 kisses!

I liked the fiery color in this one. Perhaps not too surprising that the guys she kisses are all fairly good looking. She doesn’t look 100% Taiwanese though, and I’m fairly certain she’s mixed although I couldn’t confirm it.

Taiwanese girl kiss 100 paris men project

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September 13th, 2009 at 3:17 pm

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  • Louise

    What an interesting project. I wonder how she explains this to the people she kisses if they’re just random strangers. “Hey, do you mind if I pop my tripod up over here and just get a picture of us kissing?”