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Triumvir M-65 Shadaloo jacket

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I was introduced to SoCal-based Triumvir when they collaborated with Capcom to produce licensed Street Fighter shirts. Although most of their clothing isn’t really my style, I stuck around with the brand when I read their blog and became a fan. The designers put a lot of research and thought behind their concepts, and furthermore, eagerly share this information with their very devoted fanbase. (Example: Constantine’s Bomber Jacket for the upcoming collection)

But back to Street Fighter. Triumvir produced the Shadaloo Collection in late 2008 which I completely missed. The highlight was a Shadaloo M-65 jacket limited to 100 pieces. I didn’t find out about Triumvir until their second Street Fighter collection, called World Warriors. Looking at their back catalog, I loved the M-65 jacket but of course it had already been long sold out.

Luckily for me, about a month ago, David from Triumvir just so happened to be selling a brand new Shadaloo M-65 from his personal collection. I jumped at the opportunity.

Triumvir Street Fighter Capcom M-65 Shadaloo collection jacket

The M-65 is a U.S. military jacket. The material is very heavy and coarse, intended to keep the wearer warm. I can’t imagine wearing this in Southern California, save for the rare winter nights when it’s actually somewhat cold, but I’m sure it’ll keep me toasty when the winter snow rolls around here.

Triumvir Street Fighter Capcom M-65 Shadaloo collection jacket

The name badge over the left chest is Velcro and can be interchanged. The jacket comes with two badges: Triumvir and (Shadaloo) Crime Syndicate.

On the back is a big Shadaloo Crime Syndicate patch that’s been sewed into the jacket. The black-on-black color scheme is appropriately menacing and looks awesome (very hard to photograph by the way).

Check out this video for a walkthrough of the jacket.

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September 7th, 2009 at 9:32 pm

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