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Harvard Medical School and MIT

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Harvard Medical School

After helping my brother move out of his dorm and going apartment hunting, we visited Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I had already seen the usual sights two years ago on my first trip to Boston, but we went again this time largely to show my cousin around and also to occupy the last afternoon in Boston before flying home.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School is a very imposing campus with giant pillars and marble-faced buildings. I couldn’t resist having some fun with the Bape shark though, zipped all the way up.

Harvard Medical School Phineas Gage skull

In one of the buildings, there was a mini museum with medical artifacts and tools. Harvard houses the actual skull of Phineas Gage, who is one of the most famous medical cases. He was involved in a railroad accident in the 19th century where an iron rod was driven through his brain. Although he survived, his personality became completely warped. This led to the discovery that personality is localized to a specific region of the brain.

Harvard Medical School Phineas Gage skull nail

The giant rod that pierced Phineas Gage’s brain.

Harvard Medical School conjoined twins

Rare skeleton of conjoined twins.

Harvard Medical School classroom

My brother brought us inside the security-carded school to check out the classrooms. This is one of the main lecture halls I believe.

MIT building

MIT infinite corridor hallway

MIT’s buildings are quite stately as well. This is the exterior to one end of the main set of classrooms. Running throughout the center of this complex is the “Infinite corridor”, which continues unimpeded for about a quarter of a mile.

MIT anime club poster

Saw this MIT anime club poster while walking the Infinite corridor. MIT’s anime club owns supposedly the largest private anime collection in the U.S.

MIT Great dome building hall

The Great Dome, the iconic image of MIT. It is part of the same building complex that houses the Infinite corridor.

MIT hacks

Aside from academia, MIT is also well known for their “hacks”, or pranks. The Halo 3 prank at Harvard I mentioned yesterday is one of these.

MIT architecture Frank Gehry

Weird architecture on the MIT campus. This was designed by Frank Gehry.

I’m back home in Los Angeles for a few days, then we’re off to London and Paris for our first trip to Europe. Expect more photoblogs like this once I return, hope they’re not too boring =P

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