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After a half year break, I am glad to be finally back. How do you like the new design? I’m working on a couple minor formatting tweaks but for the most part this is the final look.

The sliding header with the five images solved a couple problems for me. First, my old blog was minimalist to a fault with a very bland black and white color palette. For my new site, I definitely wanted something colorful at the top. Initially, I was planning on creating a banner image based on the title Protocol Snow, but that would have involved a lot of work and creative/Photoshop skills that I don’t have. The sliding header allows me to keep “Protocol Snow” as a plain text title and to rely on pre-existing images to bring the color.

A second problem is that at first glance, it was very difficult for new visitors to figure out what my blog is about. “Protocol Snow” is gibberish nonsense that is meaningless to everybody but me. Additionally, my posts don’t have a consistent focus, unlike a games-dedicated blog or an Asian drama-dedicated review site. My sliding header helps this problem by highlighting several of the categories that constitute the bulk of my content.

I’ve thought about ways to increase traffic, and it seems like most successful blogs I read are dedicated to one specific topic and attract a consistent, devoted readership. However, I like to write about all sorts of random things and ultimately, this is simply my personal blog — my goals aren’t to become famous or rich from blogging. So for better or for worse, the content of my blog will not be changing in any way. I hope that whatever attracted you here in the first place keeps you coming back.

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Written by Protocol Snow

June 14th, 2009 at 2:37 am

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