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Work in progress, re-launching mid June 2009

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I finally have my own domain! =) I am re-launching my blog with a new design based on the Sliding Doors theme, officially sometime in June. In the meantime, I’ll be fiddling around with the site and making small adjustments whenever I get a break, but I wanted to get this site out to the public early so Google can start indexing. Consider this a soft launch. will be my future home and has all the contents of my blog (which is now discontinued). I did a straight export-import from within WordPress and haven’t done much else, so if some links aren’t working, please bear with me. See you in a few weeks for the grand opening!

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Written by Protocol Snow

May 11th, 2009 at 3:13 pm

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  • Nick

    Very nice layout!
    /subscribed to your new RSS feeds!

  • Andy

    Thanks Nick! I have to do some minor tweaks (for example, changing fonts and playing with sizes, plus I don’t like how the comments link is right under the post titles) but for the most part, the look is final and I love it.

  • k

    Looking Good!