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As you probably noticed, I’m trying out a different WordPress theme. The switch was precipitated by my desire to post images larger than 400 pixels wide, which was possible with the old theme but looked awkward because the image would spill over the sides of the allocated column width. If I wanted to widen that layout, I needed to pay for an upgrade so I’m switching to an entirely new theme. The downside is that color is virtually non-existent, which I’ll have to disguise by posting more pictures!

For prosperity’s sake, here’s my former header image:

If you were ever curious about the meaning of “Protocol Snow”, I briefly discussed its origin before. The header image itself was inspired both by that name and by my fondness for bicycling in the snow/ice, which I still maintain is a lot easier than slipping all over the place on foot. I snapped the photo outside my university’s main library with my bike covered in snow.

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December 23rd, 2008 at 12:56 am

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  • karen

    Woah Andy, I didn’t know you’re attending JHU! So impressive! Did you ever attend CTY (JHU’s kids program) when you were younger?

  • protocolsnow

    I qualified for CTY, but didn’t thought it was worth it to go. The funny thing is that during my summers at Hopkins, I would see those CTY kids all over campus ;)

    I graduated from JHU in 2007 actually. I’m now getting my M.D. degree at a different, less prestigious school (unfortunately/fortunately, depending on how you look at it — Baltimore is pretty awful). Still snowy here though!