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Star Wars Force Unleashed poster

My brother printed this awesome Star Wars: Force Unleashed poster for me recently. I might frame it at some point, but it has some awkward dimensions so I’ll have to order a custom made frame that would probably be more trouble than it’s worth. In the meantime, I taped it onto the wall.

If you’re wondering about the eyesore behind my chair, no, I didn’t make a giant hole in the wall. Not yet anyway. The covering is there as a preventive measure for chair damage since I like to lean back and don’t want to pay damage fees when I move out of this apartment.

I’m not much of a decorative person so all the walls in my apartment are pretty much plain white, but in the past couple months I’ve put up posters of Casino Royale (James Bond), Hitman, The Dark Knight, and Lost in Translation to make it a bit more interesting. I also have these Penny Arcade comic prints still sitting in my closet that I have yet to find frames for.

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Written by Protocol Snow

October 5th, 2008 at 10:20 pm

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  • dude

    how do you make these Star Wars prints???

  • protocolsnow

    These were printed using a high quality school printer. You can probably do similar prints if you use Kinko’s or something.