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Whole lotta luck

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I got back from East Asia last week after a great two-week vacation. Despite this being the rainy season in Taiwan and Japan, we somehow avoided rain the entire trip. Rain started pouring the day we left Taipei for Tokyo, but we were already safely in the airport. It also rained in Taichung the night we returned from Tokyo, but other than that, the 3 (!) umbrellas packed in the suitcases were not used. So we certainly experienced a lot of luck.

All throughout the trip, my family marveled at another kind of good fortune. We ate at a ton of excellent restaurants and generally lived it up in spite of the weak dollar. Five years ago, even 2-3 years ago, we certainly wouldn’t have been able to splurge like this. I’m not going to call it luck because it’s not, but we’ve definitely had a lot of fortune in the past few years. Though I won’t talk about all the restaurants in detail, I certainly will write about New York Grill at Park Hyatt Tokyo. Eating there has been a personal dream and it didn’t disappoint.

As this will probably be my last vacation in the foreseeable future (people joke that the summer after Med 1 will be the last stress-free summer of my life), I made the most of it and completely unwound. What better place than Tokyo, my favorite city in the world. I took about a thousand photos of the trip and will post a few of the more interesting ones soon!

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Written by Protocol Snow

June 27th, 2008 at 9:29 am

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  • Nick

    I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures!
    Congratulations on your awesome vacation!
    Btw, the first 5 episodes of the PA D&D Podcasts are up!

  • Honor

    So glad you liked Tokyo! It’s where I live and I love it. Also looking forward to seeing your pics : )