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Valve really loves me

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The newest patch/update to Team Fortress 2 comes out today with a remake of Badlands, a popular Team Fortress Classic map. How sweet, what a lovely Valentine’s present. I have only eyes for you, Valve!

On the subject of TF2 and love, check out this machinima about the tender relationship between a Heavy and a Medic. Skip to the 3:40 mark unless you want to listen to a review about Sim City Societies (Zero Punctuation reviews were funny at first, but their shtick is getting old).

Lastly, soak in the hotness of this photo as Danny Choo once again ventures out into Tokyo and troops it up, this time accompanied by a couple idols. He is an inspiration to otakus everywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Danny Choo Tokyo stormtrooper

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Written by Protocol Snow

February 14th, 2008 at 3:01 pm

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