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Itchin’ for a fix

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I am so addicted to Team Fortress 2. When I can’t exercise any self-control, I turn to my buddy Temptation Blocker. It is a very cool app where you can block any program on your computer for a specified time interval. If you try to run the blocked program, a message pops up telling you to go back to work. And just in case you have to run that program, you can enter a 32 character password to bypass the timer.

Thank god for this application because I still feel like I’m on Thanksgiving break. Now to get some work done.

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Written by Protocol Snow

November 29th, 2007 at 1:54 pm

Posted in School

  • Yojo

    Temptation blocker, that’s hilarious. Speaking of which, I think I need use the parental control feature in World of Warcraft and start limiting my playtime =o)

  • Kevin

    Holy crap! I used to play tf2 as well :P Man this is weird :D