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Taipei 101 surpassed

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It was announced today that the Burj Dubai skyscraper in Dubai, currently in construction, is now the world’s tallest building. That means Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan has been stripped of that honor, which it held for several years.

Oh well, Taipei 101 had a good run. It’s too bad I just got back from Taiwan, since it would have been interesting to see what people thought about this news. Maybe I’ll watch the Chinese news channel tonight.

Taipei 101 skyscraper

I snapped this photo outside the Taipei World Trade Center, where I was attending the 2007 Taipei Digital Audio & Video Expo. I have more photos to come when I finish organizing everything. In total, I took almost 5,000 photos in the last month on vacation.

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July 22nd, 2007 at 11:09 am

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