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Vacation’s almost over

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I’m back in Taipei and returning to Los Angeles in about a week. Japan (especially Tokyo) is awesome, and while it was made painfully clear to me that I’m nowhere near fluent in Japanese after 2.5 years of classes, at least I could still communicate somewhat and get my point across. When that failed, gesturing usually did the trick. If you ever want to improve your charades skills, fly to a foreign country.

As I expected, even in Tokyo, the vast majority of Japanese people I encountered knew very little English. It was far easier for them to try to decipher my broken Japanese than for them to comprehend English phrases. So I got to practice my Japanese quite a bit. Lots of fun, and I would love coming back and visiting Tokyo again.

My next post will likely be up after I return to the U.S. Get ready for lots of photos!

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Written by Protocol Snow

July 11th, 2007 at 8:59 am

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