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Melting in Hong Kong

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I spent last week in Tainan and Kaohsiung, both major cities in Taiwan, and I’ve been in Hong Kong since yesterday. I will be leaving for Taiwan tomorrow and going to Japan a couple days after that! As expected, I don’t have much time to spend online so I’ll be posting a lot more pictures by the end of July when my vacation ends. Here’s a quickie I snapped today while at The Peak overlooking the Hong Kong Harbor (I think it’s called Victoria Harbour).

I’ll be in Hong Kong for only a total of three days and this is my first time here, but I gotta say, I prefer Taiwan infinitely more. If nothing else, Taiwanese people in general are exceedingly gracious and helpful. Hong Kong folks… well, I get the impression their lives are so hectic they can’t bother with anybody else.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there’s flocks of fashionable Hong Kong girls roaming the streets and shopping at the many malls in the middle of the weekday. I was wondering why they didn’t have school or work and could afford to spend prime hours of the day shopping, but I figured they might also be on vacation like me.

The more pressing question I have, though, is how these girls manage to look so fresh at all times. They look gorgeous in their immaculate make-up and don’t even break a sweat in this humidity, nor do they even seem bothered. Short of popping into a bathroom every five minutes, I don’t understand how they can achieve this state. It would be a nice survival tip to learn as I am still pretty miserable from this weather. Not that I want to be called gorgeous, you see (I am a guy after all). But to be immune to humidity is a pretty handy status effect to have.

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Written by Protocol Snow

June 26th, 2007 at 11:09 am

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