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Lara Croft in the concrete jungle

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I just found out that GameDaily ran a pictorial last week on Lara Croft visiting the office for a day. I don’t know if she is the official Lara Croft model or just a cosplayer, but still, check it out!

Lara Croft cosplayer model

Like many internet-savvy gamers, I have free subscriptions to several videogame magazines. I used to read these religiously, never missing a word. Nowadays, I flip through an issue for fifteen minutes and then toss it. I said previously that gaming doesn’t play as big a role for me now. Is playing video games merely a momentary phase in life, like studying dinosaurs or collecting basketball cards? Do you think you’ll be a big videogame aficionado one, two decades from now?

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Written by Protocol Snow

June 13th, 2007 at 6:09 pm

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