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If my life were a Xbox 360 game, an achievement would have just unlocked because I am now finished with college! All that’s left for me is the graduation ceremony itself. In the meantime, I’m busy packing up my things and getting ready to move out.

My itinerary for the next couple months: after my graduation ceremony, I’m headed up to Cambridge, MA to visit Harvard University and to help my brother move out of his dorm. Following that, I’m headed to Taiwan for a month. While I’m in Asia, I’ll be going on a tour of Hokkaido, Japan, which should be pretty neat, but my personal highlight of the whole trip is a self-guided, 4 day stop in Tokyo. I’m currently busy planning out what places I want to see and shops I want to visit. From what I hear, Tokyo should be pretty English friendly but somehow I don’t believe that and have a feeling there’ll be many times when I’m going to be completely lost with no English speakers around. It’ll be interesting to see how much I’ve actually learned after 2.5 years of Japanese classes…

I was planning on typing up a review of the iRiver Clix 2, but the one at is so good I’m not even going to bother. It’s a fantastic review for a phenomenal product with tons of photos, so go read it.

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May 12th, 2007 at 8:48 am

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