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m-flo loves Crystal Kay – “Love Don’t Cry”

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I’m eagerly awaiting the newest album “COSMICOLOR” by Japanese hip-hop group m-flo, which I’ve preordered and is scheduled for release in several days. This is the final album in the “m-flo loves” project where they’ve done nothing but collaborations with other artists since 2003. It’s definitely the end of an era, but now the question is: where does m-flo go from here?

Preceding the album release is the music video of m-flo loves Crystal Kay – “Love Don’t Cry”. It’s very fitting that the final “m-flo loves” music video is with Crystal Kay, considering that the whole project started with her in the first place, back in 2003 with m-flo loves Crystal Kay – “REEEWIND!”. The beginning of this MV even pays homage to the original with all the dizzying star backgrounds.

I don’t like the song itself that much, but the music video is great. I’m not going to spoil its plot so you can enjoy it yourself (it’s up on youtube and hopefully won’t get pulled. Or get a better quality version from Jpopsuki). Quite a perfect farewell.

The rolling “credits” at the end with all the artists they’ve worked with is a nice touch as well. Impressions from the full album are forthcoming when I get it in the mail.

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Written by Protocol Snow

March 25th, 2007 at 4:32 pm

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  • Random J

    I love this song. M-Flo are cool and I love Crystal Kay – so this is my kinda song! :)

    The video is a bit of a rip off (or homage as you will) to Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t get you out of my head” though.