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My Boss My Hero post-mortem

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After writing my initial impressions of My Boss My Hero, I finished watching the rest of the series. And you know what? I’m glad I didn’t write off this drama and continued watching. My original complaint still stands in that the acting is overly dramatic and they over-do everything. The creators need to understand that a little subtlety goes a long way; I don’t need to be beat over the head with all the lessons being taught. But I suppose that supplements the absurdity of the whole premise behind the show in the first place.

My Boss My Hero is far from my favorite and I feel it’s a little over-rated by the D-Addicts community, but there’s genuinely hilarious moments and it was entertaining overall. I’m going to change my initial assessment from “not recommended” to “recommended if you’ve watched Great Teacher Onizuka and Gokusen and want more gangster/school dramas”. Stick that quote on the back of the box!

That reminds me, one of these days I need to put up a post ranking all the dramas I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll do that once I get a few more dramas under my belt since I haven’t even watched more than 10 yet. Next on my list is Dragon Zakura, which coincidentally also has the very cute Aragaki Yui, who was one of the main actresses in My Boss My Hero (and who you can see in the 3rd picture posted in my initial impressions). I swear, sometimes I think the reason why I watch these shows is for the cute girls…

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Written by Protocol Snow

March 18th, 2007 at 10:14 pm

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  • Suko

    The exhaggeration part is done on purpose, its supposed to make it funnier and kind of show how stupid the character really is. I guess its more understandable for people who kind of understand humor from a Japanese stand-point

  • Misa

    for someone who claims to like the variety present in japanese dramas you seem quite conservative in your acceptance of dramas that don’t stick to the slow, drawn out feel, or ‘subtly’ as you put it, of characterizations and plot. the overacting and exaggerations were purposeful and done quite humorously, in my opinion, and i guess the japanese audience agreed with the people at d-addicts, seeing as this drama had pretty high viewer-ship ratings in japan (avg = 19%)

  • Protocol Snow

    Point well taken, Misa. What really annoyed me was the extreme awkwardness of the boys screaming “WATER!!!!” in the most over-dramatic fashion at the end of the first episode. That one single scene was the most painful moment I’ve seen in a drama yet and soured me on the overacting of the rest of the series.

    I agree, there’s many scenes where the overacting becomes funny and as a whole, the show was enjoyable. But I just couldn’t forgive that one scene, and I honestly couldn’t get over it. I almost quit the show at that point, but I vow to give every drama two episodes to prove itself.

  • Shin

    Well, I think My Boss My Hero is very entertaining…. Funny indeed, I like it…. People have different tastes about anything, so… nothing wrong about saying this drama is good one….

    Last but not least…. Your blog is good…. keep it up….