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Halo 3: Three Editions

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Although it has been common knowledge that Microsoft and Bungie are planning on releasing three separate versions of their upcoming Xbox 360 blockbuster Halo 3, today Microsoft finally announced the details.

Legendary Edition

  • $129.99, individually serialized
  • Boxset containing Spartan MJOLNIR Mark VI helmet
  • 1st bonus disc (“Making of Halo 3” documentary, featurettes, concept art, audio/visual calibration tool)
  • 2nd bonus disc (remastered cutscenes from Halo & Halo 2 with developer commentary, “day in the life of Bungie” featurette, Red vs. Blue content)
  • Halo 3 storyboard art
  • Halo 3 game

Limited Edition

  • $69.99, metal collector’s case
  • 1st bonus disc (“Making of Halo 3” documentary, featurettes, concept art, audio/visual calibration tool)
  • Art/Fiction book, guide to Halo species and factions
  • Halo 3 game

Standard Edition

  • $59.99
  • Halo 3 game

Traditionally, the “limited edition” metal cases for these ultra popular games aren’t hard to find at all (look at Halo 2, Final Fantasy XII, etc.), and the trend will continue with the Halo 3 Limited Edition. But since the Legendary Edition will have unique serial numbers, I expect that one to be a true collector’s edition which will be sold out on Day 1 and subsequently only found on eBay for $200+. If you want the helmet, definitely get a preorder as soon as you can.

I have some concerns about this marketing strategy though. First, the Legendary Edition had formerly been believed to be $99.99, but now it’s almost double the price of the Limited Edition. Also, the mid-tier version has extras that can’t be found in the ultimate version, namely the art/fiction book and the metal collector’s case. That means for the Halo fan who wants all the bonuses, he would have to buy BOTH the Legendary and Limited Editions. Yikes, I’m hoping Microsoft gives some clarification on this soon because that would be a really bad decision on their part to distribute the content this way.

As for me, I was set on buying the Legendary Edition, but now with the $30 price hike and missing content, I’m reconsidering. For complete details on the different editions, GameDaily has the write-up. Halo 3 hasn’t been given a firm release date yet, but rumor has it that it will be launching in September 2007.

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Written by Protocol Snow

March 16th, 2007 at 2:43 pm

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