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I’m not very fond of the movie-going experience, thanks to annoying audiences and expensive tickets, but I went to see 300 the other day because of positive word of mouth. Luckily, even though I sat in front of a group of girls who were chattering away during the trailers, they stopped talking once the actual movie started.

I knew practically nothing about 300 going into the theater, but I found out afterwards that it’s an adaptation of a graphic novel by Frank Miller, which itself was based on the historic Battle of Thermopylae. It was amusing because when I heard the name Xerxes and King Leonidas mentioned, I was perplexed since I thought I had heard those names before and started searching the back of my mind to find out where. About twenty minutes into the movie, I abruptly found the answer: I had re-enacted this battle in high school for a Development of Western Civilization class! For the rest of the movie, I couldn’t help smirking as I drew parallels between our mock battle with rubber bands and paper swords and the amazingly beautiful representation of the battle onscreen.

300 isn’t very deep, and the attempts at political intrigue or character development fall flat. However, the action scenes are absolutely gorgeous with great visual style and fluid camera work. It is eyecandy at its finest. I estimated about 60% of the film was composed of slow motion effects, but that allowed the audience a crystal clear view of every blow to soak in every moment of the battle. And even though I found myself checking my watch a few times during the movie, those points were never during any of the battles, which are infused with pure energy.

This is a true man’s movie, with gratuitous violence, seductive women, and muscled Spartans bellowing out every single line in the movie with great intensity. After watching it, I had an irresistable desire to hit the gym and to growl every time I talk. 300 is lots of fun, and I especially can’t wait to see it at home in HD. The film was quite grainy; isn’t it about time theaters all started going digital?

God of War II for PS2 coincidentally released this week as well. This is a great time to experience life as a manly man, for those of you who don’t live the life of one already.

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Written by Protocol Snow

March 15th, 2007 at 9:20 pm

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  • Joanna

    Dude, I read your comment on that girl griping about EB Games. I agree with you because I’ve worked in retail and they’ve always talked about suggestive selling. I think she needs to just shut up and chill out…